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A good skin care routine is important for good skin health, regardless of skin type, skin condition and age. Be the best version of yourself - all your life.

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Skin care products adapted to your skin

We have skin care products for everyone - both for you who want to keep it simple, and for you who want a more advanced routine. We have products that are developed for both the 17-year-old, the 37-year-old and the 77-year-old. Whether you have sensitive skin or skin that "screams" for stronger lye, you will find products for your skin here.

What should my skincare routine look like?

As a minimum, your skincare routine should include cleanser and face cream - preferably one day cream and one night cream. Feel free to introduce several steps over time, and enjoy the results that really good products and routines give! A complete skin care routine can look like this:

  1. Start with a good facial cleanser , then the products you apply afterwards work even better. Once or twice a week, you should also include a good facial scrub in your cleansing routine.

  2. Complete the cleaning with a good tonic tailored to your needs. In addition to removing residues of cleansing and dirt from the skin, the tonic has a treating effect. Therefore, be sure to find a tonic that suits your skin.

  3. Apply a face serum . Serum contains highly concentrated, active ingredients and is designed to pull quickly and deep into the skin. Therefore, facial serum has a unique ability to work "on target" with skin problems - whether it is to give glow, prevent wrinkles or reduce pigment spots .

  4. Finish with a face cream for day or night, tailored to your skin type.

Adjust the skin care routine according to the season and needs

Both through the seasons and through life, the skin will be changing. Therefore, the needs of the skin will also vary. For example, a high sun factor is even more important in the summer, while in the winter it is moisture and cold cream that apply. In the autumn, many people need to reduce pigment spots and from time to time you simply need a boost in the form of a really good skin treatment ! Therefore, be sure to adjust the skin care routine in line with your skin's needs. As Linda says:

«The bathroom cabinet can be compared to the spice shelf in the kitchen. We make sure we have what we need of spices available, but we do not use everything for all dishes. In the same way, you should fill the bathroom cabinet with skin care products adapted to your skin, and make sure to give your skin what it needs at all times! ”

Are you unsure which products to choose for your skin? We are happy to help you! You can: