Facial serum

A face serum or booster is a must for you who want to get the full effect of your skin care routine! With up to 70% higher proportion of active ingredients, the serum will penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. Precisely for this reason, the serum gives a significantly faster effect than your other skin care products.

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What is the difference between a face serum and a booster?

Common to serum and boosters is that they contain a high concentration of active ingredients. Because they are also so thin, they have an ability to penetrate much deeper into the skin than a regular face cream can - this is because the molecules are smaller. The difference between serum and booster is how they are used: A serum is applied after cleansing and before face cream, while the booster is mixed with your face cream.

What effect do facial serums and boosters have?

The effective drops can actually change the way the skin cells behave, which gives visible results on, among other things:

  • Signs of aging such as lines and sagging skin
  • Uneven pigmentation and pigment spots
  • Dry and dehydrated skin
  • Oily and impure skin

Which serum and booster is right for my skin?

Which serum and booster you should use depends on which skin problems you want to work with. Maybe you want to focus on more areas? Maybe it is difficult to find a serum that meets the needs of the skin throughout the year? After all, the condition and needs of the skin change, both throughout the year and during life. Then it's good to know that most of our serums can be combined and blended!

In fact, Linda's philosophy is that you should think of the bathroom cabinet as a spice rack! Fill it with various ingredients that suit your skin, and "add" what your skin needs when it needs it. In the same way that you do not use exactly the same spices for absolutely all dishes you make, you should make sure to adapt the skin care routine to what your skin needs at all times.

Take our skin care test to get answers on which serums and boosters suit your skin - or order a free and non-binding online skin consultation with one of our skilled skin care professionals. You can also send us a message or an email at any time !

PS! Remember to top the serum, or mix the booster in, a good face cream. This is how you make sure that the goodies remain in the skin and that the surface is protected. Read more about the difference between serum and cream .

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