Eye makeup  

Create a watchful and expressive look with mascara, eye shadow and well-groomed eyebrows. Linda's eye make-up is designed to last all day, and to lie down nicely - without slipping out in fine lines and wrinkles.  

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How to make up your eyes  

Over the years, our eyelashes become shorter and fewer. Then we need a mascara that gives proper volume, and which separates the lashes in a nice way. Linda's XL Mascara is thick and black - it is super easy to apply and gives full lashes, without lump.  

Thick, dark lashes can with advantage be "softened" with a dull eyeliner line and eye shadow. Choose between the Eye Pencil Black and Eye Pencil Brown eyeliner. Linda's Single Shade eye shadows come in 8 delicate shades, which are nice alone and in combination with each other.  

See how to create the ultimate "smokey eyes" look , and get Linda's best tips for glamorous eye makeup for everyday .  

Do not forget the eyebrows  

Your eyebrows have a lot to say about how your face looks. The brow shape can make you "older" or "younger", make you appear more awake, or make you look sad. In fact, you can give yourself a "facelift" with the correct brow shape !  

Linda's Brow Penc i l comes in three different colors, and makes it easy to fill in and shape your eyebrows! Finish with a little Brow Highlighter for shimmer and an extra lift of the eye area.