To get a good result with your makeup, the groundwork is important. Both for the make-up to sit where it should, as well as to even out the skin.
Remember HD Mattening Powder in the end!

A good foundation should give lots of glow and moisture to the skin, it should not settle in lines or pores and it should contain sun factor, to protect the skin and prevent signs of aging. A good powder should sell the look and make sure that the makeup fits nicely all day. It is precisely these criteria that my foundations and powder live up to!

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Flawless Foundation is perfect for you who want good coverage, while you want the skin to look natural and fresh. For those of you who prefer an even lighter opacity, but who love glow, the Sheer Foundation is a great choice.

Both foundations have SPF 20, which is adequate sun protection on those days when you do not stay long in the sun.

Make sure the foundation holds: Remember primer and powder!
"Putting" your foundation with a good primer and a powder is crucial for the make-up to stay beautiful throughout the day.

After you have completed your daily skin care routine and applied day cream - but before you apply foundation - we recommend that you apply a thin layer with the primer LOCK IT! Face Base . The job of the primer is to hide irregularities in the skin and to make sure that the foundation "glues" to the skin.

Application of foundation and powder
Once the primer is applied, it is time for foundation. For a perfect and natural result, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first is to choose the right color! The skin changes color during the year, from light in winter to darker in summer. Therefore, my best tip is to always have two different foundation shades that you mix in different ratios according to how your skin looks at all times.

Use a foundation brush to apply foundation. Lux Foundation Brush is our favorite! The brush makes it easy to apply the right amount of foundation and build up with several layers to the desired opacity.

See Linda apply foundation with foundation brush .

Seal the foundation with a light coat of powder. HD Mattening Powder is our best-selling powder and is suitable for all skin types. In addition, the powder is completely invisible, and it does not settle in pores or lines. If you want a powder with a little more opacity , Sheer Powder Foundation is a good choice. This powder also gives a fantastic glow!

Add depth and color with a nice bronzer or blush, and you are ready for whatever the day may bring!