Everyone should have one or more face masks in their skin care! A face mask pampers the skin and quickly gives a visible result whether you want to add moisture, get a new glow, treat impurities or get a WOW effect before a party. Our most famous face mask is the SOS Face Saver Mask , which has been loved by ladies for over 10 years. The glows skin on 1-2-3!

Wearing a face mask or other treatment product on a regular basis gives that little extra to the skin. The most important thing is what you do with your skin every day. But if you want a boost, a kick-start or to work on a specific skin problem, then adding one or more of these treatment products will help you see a difference.

Some products are intended as spa treatments, such as Skin Gym ampoules and Meso Glow roller sets

Other products can be used regularly a couple of times a week, or occasionally when you feel the need to give your skin a little extra. Examples of this are masks such as: