Blush adds freshness and depth to the face, and with a little bronzer / sun powder, the face gets a fresh summer glow in no time. Bronzer gives a silky smooth surface and cream blush gives a natural freshness.

Add freshness and depth with bronzer, highlighter and blush!  

Highlight your best moves  

After the base with foundation and powder is added, it's time to add color and glow! Highlight your best features and create a fresh glow with highlighter, bronzer and blush.  

Bronzer immediately gives healthy summer glow, even in midwinter. What you should take care of is choosing a color that is not too dark - it quickly looks unnatural and not very pretty. Lindas Sunglow Bronzer comes in a perfect shade that suits all year round, for both darker and lighter skin tones - and for skin with both warm and cold undertones . In addition, the bronzer is without shimmer, which makes it ideal for adult skin.  

Blush gives life and color to the face - and can be used with advantage with bronzer. Lindas Baked Blush is a highly pigmented blush in a shade designed to suit most skin tones. The blush highlights the apple skin and gives a youthful expression and glow. For best results: apply with LUX Angled Blush brush.  

With a good highlighter you can highlight the best features of the face. Apply highlighter on the cheekbones, along the nasal bone, under the eyebrows and in the middle of the chin. In this way, you add glow and create depth in your face. Lindas High Light Stick is light-reflecting and has a soft and rich, creamy consistency. It is simply difficult to make mistakes - and, it does not settle in fine lines and wrinkles. The highlighter is thus perfect for both adult and slightly younger skin. It comes in two colors - one for light skin, and one for darker skin tones.