Giving glow to the skin is not just about the right skin care products, but also about adding color and contrast after foundation! A foundation gives a smooth canvas, but then the paint strokes come in. A little fresh blush for the cheeks, bronzer that defines the face and gives a "sunkissed" look, as well as highlight that reflects light.

We give 20% on Baked blush, Sunglow bronzer and High Light Stick, and the offer is valid 12.05.2021 - 18.05.2021.

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Baked Blush - Pink Coral
Baked Blush is a highly pigmented blush that gives a nice glow to the cheeks and becomes one with the skin when applied. My powder blush makes it easy to highlight apple cheeks, only a few "losses" with the diet are enough. Comes in a nice "all-round" shade that suits most people. And yes, it does fit most people.

Sunglow Bronzer
Sunglow Bronzer is suitable for both warm and cold skin tones and can be used all year round. Perfect as a blush or transparent eye shadow for a natural finish when you have a bad time. Note! This bronzer does not give shimmer and is therefore perfect for adult skin.

High Light Stick
High Light Stick gives glow and shimmer, quickly and easily. Practical and simple stick that is easy to apply and that gives a nice shimmer to the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and forehead. Easy to install and "difficult to get wrong". Perfect for you who just want the little "touch"!



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