This week's theme is eyebrows! This is something many of us struggle with. Maybe you have crooked eyebrows, poor hair growth or little color? Eyebrows come in many shapes and colors, but with simple steps you can get the eyebrows you want!

We give 20% on eyebrow pen and highlighter, and the offer is valid 28.04.2021 - 04.05.2021.

Read more about "6 week makeup challenge" here

Brow Pencil
Brow Pencil is an eyebrow pencil that both fills in the brow, and you can draw small hairs with the ultra-fine pen tip. The pen is waterproof and the color lasts up to 15 hours.

Brow Highlighter
Brow Highlighter provides lift and shimmer to the eye area, quickly and easily. Practical pencil that is easy to apply and that gives a nice shimmer to the eye area. Easy to install and "difficult to get wrong". Perfect for you who just want the little "touch"!



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