This week's theme is “Correct”! We will consider how to apply concealers if you have sunken eyes, dark circles or bags under the islands. Tips to open your eyes more, and raise your eyebrows. Define lips and give extra glow… there is a lot you can do to correct the basis to get "that final touch".

We give 20% on concealers and correcting pen, and the offer applies 21.04.2021 - 27.04.2021.

Read more about "6 week makeup challenge" here

Liquid Concealer
A rich, liquid concealer that provides medium to full coverage. Gives a smooth, nice finish to the skin. Hides blemishes, dark spots, discoloration and dark circles under the eyes. Comes in two colors. Always use a concealer tailored to your needs, and use it every day!

HIDE IT! Concealer
Hide IT! is a moisturizing concealer for the sensitive skin under the eyes, in liquid form. It hides discolorations and dark circles without settling on lines and wrinkles. Comes in two colors. Always use a concealer adapted to the eye area under the eyes, and use it every day!

Correcting Pen
Light-reflecting light concealer pen that brightens dark areas, without completely covering the skin. Perfect for use under the eyebrow, in the corner of the eye and around the lip contour for an uplifting effect. Comes in the color Light / Medium, which suits most people.

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