Normal or combination skin?

Combination skin is really the same as normal skin. The most normal thing is actually to have some drier and some oilier areas in the skin. And getting a pimple every now and then is also completely normal. They often occur in connection with the menstrual cycle, and always when it does not fit well.

Below you will find three main categories. See if you recognize yourself in one of them.

Normal skin with little problems

If you have skin that works normally, without the big challenges, you are in luck. Then you can pick and choose products, and it's mostly about maintenance and prevention. This does not necessarily mean that you can use everything you want all the time. Normal skin can also be overstimulated.

  • Cleanse the skin morning and evening with a good cleansing product
  • Exfoliating the skin a couple of times a week keeps the skin healthy and fresh
  • Serum that works in depth with what you want to work with
  • Day and night cream that suits your age and skin
  • Give the skin "the little extra" occasionally, with masks andampoules

Normal, adult skin with signs of aging

Is your skin really pretty easy to deal with, but the signs of aging are starting to irritate you a bit? If you want to slow down skin aging, there are many good options in our range. Choosing products with proven, active ingredients, and using these on a daily basis, will give you results.

  • Cleanse the skin morning and evening with a good cleansing product
  • Switching between an AHA peel and a milder peel is recommended
  • Feel free to use several different serums, to fight aging from several angles
  • Day and night cream with active ingredients
  • Treatment products such as masks, ampoules and roller sets provide an extra boost
  • The eye area should receive adapted care as well
  • Linda 5.0 is probably the series for you


Combination skin with oily T-zone

Forehead, nose and chin are the areas of the face with the most sebaceous glands and the highest sebum production. This is why this area, the so-called T-zone, often becomes fatter / shinier and you get more black dots and visible pores here. When it comes to choosing products, you can differentiate a little on where in the face you use certain products.

  • Cleanse the skin morning and evening, preferably with two different cleansing products
  • Use a tonic in the T-zone
  • Peeling twice a week, feel free to switch between acid peel and a mild grain peel
  • If the T-zone is very oily, you can use a separate serum there, otherwise only moisture
  • The day cream should be light, but provide plenty of moisture
  • The night cream can either treat excess sebum, aging, or whatever you want to focus on
  • Feel free to use masks, ampoules and possibly a derma roller for extra care and glow

We recommend that you take the "test" in our skin care selector to see which products are suitable for your skin. If you do not recognize yourself in any of these descriptions, we are happy to help you with product recommendations.

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