3 steps for glow in the skin

If there is one thing "everyone" answers when they are asked what they want to improve in their skin, it is that they want more glow. I completely agree - a skin can carry a lot of both pigment spots, lines and wrinkles if it has a fresh glow.

Here you have 3 steps in your skincare routine which is a must if you want a glow:

1: Cleanse your skin every day
With all the pollution from the air, poor indoor environment, burning in the fireplace and airborne dust that exists today, you get a lot of extra dirt added every day. This attaches to the skin, and together with make-up, sweat, sebum and waste products that the skin excretes, this forms a "membrane" that must be removed from the skin. Even if you do not use makeup, you should cleanse your skin every day. You can compare it to washing your hands and brushing your teeth, and should be included as a regular routine. A dirty skin = a gray and gray skin.

2: Scrub or peel your skin every week
In addition, you should use a grain scrub or an acid peel at least once a week. Then you get rid of dead skin cells, get the glow in the skin and the products you use afterwards pull down into the skin instead of laying on top of a layer of dead skin and old oil.

The skin produces daily oil / sebum, to lubricate itself. The skin's natural "moisturizer" consists of fatty sebum, which becomes almost like oil on the skin (hence you become shiny during the day, or when you wake up in the morning) It is good, but too much of it makes it settle as a membrane on the skin, which prevents products from getting past. So by scrubbing your skin regularly, you ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your products, in addition to a smoother, tighter and clearer skin. Read more about the difference between grain scrub and acid peel .

3: Help the skin's protective barrier

Imagine your skin as a brick wall, with your skin cells as the bricks and the skin's natural ingredients as the cement that holds it all together. They prevent harmful substances from entering through the skin barrier. An example of something that makes the skin's barrier weaker is that the outer layer of skin becomes dry. The skin is rich in fat and this is what strengthens the skin's barrier and its ability to retain moisture. The ability to retain moisture is something that unfortunately decreases with aging and sun damage. Therefore, an aging skin becomes drier and drier the older it gets. By adding ingredients such as ceramides, hyaluronic acid and glycerin, you help the skin keep its barrier intact. Healthy barrier = healthy skin.

Remember that every skin is unique and with its own needs. Even if your girlfriend uses a cream that she is happy with, it does not mean that it is necessarily the right cream for you. By thinking through what your skin's needs are, and how you can meet these with a good skin care routine, you will get plenty for it in the years to come.

If you want help finding your routine, please contact us, and we will be happy to help you: kundeservice@lindajc.com. Your skin is our mission!