The ingredients I have chosen in my body series are nourishing oils from avocado, argan and CBD, combined with peanut butter, aloe vera, vitamins and antioxidants. My products are between 84 and 99% natural, which I am very proud of. The name Bodyluxe came from how the products feel on the skin. The velvety and luxurious feeling - it just felt right.

With Bodyluxe body products, you give the skin moisture and nourishment that lasts throughout the day. Our changing seasons mean that the skin is not able to hold moisture so well, so then it's nice to be able to help it a little, right?
Our heavenly Floral Gardenia fragrance has several layers. It is a light floral scent, with fresh, fruity top notes, warm notes of gardenia and jasmine, in a sensual, woody base. Try Bodyluxe body care you too!