Did you know this about AHA acids?


Did you know that when we are around 50, the skin takes almost twice as long to renew itself as when we were 25?

That means you have to help it, not just a little, but quite a lot! It is the renewal process in the skin and how fast it goes, that affects much of the skin's appearance. By peeling the skin regularly, you help the skin to behave more as it did when we were younger. A skin that behaves younger will also look younger!

Acids are magic!
Acids are the key, and if you have not started, you should do it today! Acids affect our skin renewal. They remove dead skin cells on the epidermis and stimulate deeper skin layers, so that we get increased glow and a firmer skin. They affect our pigment cells to produce the right amount of pigments, so that we also get a more even skin tone.

Do you think there is a lot of talk about glow? This is not so strange - glow is what makes us look fresh and fresh, it makes us shine! Glow is also a sign that you are taking good care of your skin.

Have you heard that collagen is good?
Collagen has been a lot in the wind lately. What many people do not know is that collagen is a large protein molecule that cannot penetrate the skin, nor can it be absorbed in the intestine without being broken down first.
The only way to increase the content of collagen in the skin is to get the skin to make more of it itself.

Fortunately, this is not so difficult, because it is the fibroblast cells that must be influenced to make more of "the good stuff", and that is exactly what AHA acids do! Both AHA acids and retinol (vitamin A acid) have this effect. (The ultrasound in SkinLifter also affects this.) Together they are powder for our skin.

AHA acids have many beneficial effects on the skin. One of the most important things they do is to loosen the bonds between our dead skin cells. This helps the skin get rid of old, dead cells, while stimulating the formation of new ones. The smallest molecules can also penetrate deep into the skin and affect cell division.

They thus affect how quickly the skin renews itself. It does not cause the skin cells to divide too fast, but at a pace similar to what we all had when we were young…

Have you noticed how fast a child's skin heals?

This is because cell division and skin renewal still proceed relatively quickly, and the cells have not had time to be exposed to so much damage.

But luckily…

Our skin is constantly renewed. New skin cells form at the base of the epidermis, moving gradually toward the surface. In the space of a month, they have come all the way to the surface. Then they are dead and flat, and eventually fall off. That is, approx. once a month we have renewed our entire top layer of skin. It's pretty amazing!

But, as we get older, this process gradually slows down. So when we are around 50 years old, this skin renewal does not take longer than a month, but closer to 50 days. When we are 60 years old, it takes about 60 days and so on.

In addition, if you damage a cell in the lower layers of the skin, that cell will continue to make damaged cells when it divides and multiplies.

This is where the acids do their magic!

Since AHA acids can affect our skin renewal, it means that they make the skin behave more like it did when we were younger. And a skin that behaves younger will also look younger.

In addition, the acids will also affect our pigment cells to produce the right amount of pigments. It will give a smoother skin tone as well. Win win!

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