Do you need your own night cream?

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When you sleep, the skin works to repair the damage it has received during the day. Therefore, the skin needs different creams during the day and in the evening. The skin cells in the epidermis divide faster at night than during the day, and work hard to recover before the next day. This requires a lot of energy. The increased activity in the skin causes the temperature in the skin to increase, and thus water also evaporates faster. By using a cream intended for the night, we prevent the skin from becoming dehydrated! 

Regardless of skin type, your night cream should be a little richer (fatter) than the day cream. If you only use day cream , you are missing out on many important active ingredients that rejuvenate your skin. The reason for this is that a day cream may not contain as many effective ingredients, partly because strong anti-age ingredients are often cloudy.

A good day cream often contains sunscreen and other protective filters, which you should preferably not have lying on the skin all night.

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A night cream has properties that help to repair damage from, among other things, the sun and other pollution we are exposed to daily. For those who sometimes do not get enough sleep, a good night cream can help the skin still get enough repair. 

So yes, one should definitely have your own night cream!

Which cream to choose depends on several things. We have several creams that can be used at night. Two of them are pure night creams, while two are soothing and gentle, for you with young or sensitive skin. Both of our night creams give you a rejuvenating effect, but one is more complex than the other. The older you are, the more important it is with more active ingredients to have an effect. If you are young (under 30) or sensitive - or maybe your skin is just a little sensitized right now, then you can use a soothing cream, without active ingredients, which just calms down and gives the skin love and care.


Truffle A Night Cream  
If you are under 35 and experience that your skin is dry-normal-shiny, Truffle A is the perfect choice! This night cream contains vitamin A ( retinol ) which has been documented to fight lines and wrinkles. White truffles and niacinamide also have a moisturizing and healing effect on the skin.

Luxe Lift No1 Night Cream (formerly 5.0)
This is a rich and concentrated night cream, which is made for adult skin over 40, who needs more of everything. The ingredients in the night cream are specially formulated to build up the basal layer in the skin, which makes the skin "plump" and supple. It also works against uneven pigmentation.

Healing Cream
This light, pleasant cream soothes a stressed skin, whether it comes from inflamed pimples, eczema, sunburn or overstimulation. Provides light moisture without so much oil, dampens overactive sebaceous glands and absorbs well into the skin. Perfect for you with a young or combination / oily skin type.

Recovery Cream
SOS cream with cold protection! Recovery Cream is a rich and mild cream that can be used by everyone in the family. It nourishes, moisturizes, protects and balances dry and sensitive skin. The cream has been shown to help many who struggle with extremely dry skin and eczema. It is perfect as a cold cream, but can also be used as a night cream during periods of extra dry and sensitive skin.

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