Take care of your hands

Most people are familiar with dry hands. Maybe especially after March 2020. We wash and spray our hands like never before, and it can go hard on the skin. Could you imagine a hand wash that does not strip the skin of moisture ? And a hand cream that really moisturizes and nourishes , without it settling on the outside and feeling sticky? Look no further!

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    A delicious, foaming cleanser for the hands, with 95% natural ingredients. You will be completely clean, without the skin drying out. With, among other things, hemp oil, which soothes and protects, aloe vera which moisturizes and soothes, and emollient pro-B vitamins, this washbasin will clean your hands gently. They become soft, protected and fragrant.


    A beautiful, rich cream, which melts into the hands and makes them soft, supple and saturated with moisture and nourishment. Avocado and macadamia oils together with shea butter provide intense moisture, while aloe vera nourishes and soothes and provitamin B5 protects the skin barrier. With 97% natural ingredients, this can be used as often as you want - without the hands feeling greasy and sticky.

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    And the scent then, you….

    It is a chapter in itself. Linda has worked closely with the perfume makers at Payan Bernard in Grasse, France. They have been doing scents since 1854, so this sits in their spinal cord. The fragrance is tailored to our body series Bodyluxe, and the result just has to be experienced. It had to be light, to be able to fit with your favorite perfume, at the same time as it has several layers and is completely unique. We landed on a lovely, fruity gardenia scent note over a soft, woody base - which we all love!

    Why do we really get dry hands?

    The skin is the body's largest organ, and its main function is to protect us. The skin has a natural barrier, composed of i.a. sebum, dead skin cells, ceramides and amino acids. The skin barrier has a slightly lower pH and protects us from bacteria, dirt, pollution and other harmful substances. At the same time, it helps prevent the skin from losing moisture.

    Our natural skin barrier does not tolerate so many degreasing soaps and antibacterial rubbing alcohol. Then it is damaged, and the skin is no longer able to protect us either from the environment around us or from moisture loss. The result is often dry, cracked hands, which neither look nor feel good. Both moisture and cold also help to dry out the skin, so be sure to keep your hands warm in winter and wear rubber gloves when washing. We must help the skin barrier, and fortunately we can do that with these nurturing and rebuilding hand products.

    The hands are one of the places where signs of aging appear first. Remember that your hands are your "business card", so give them good care - it will seem!