Take care of the family's winter skin!

Cold Weather Cream

That our skin gets drier in the winter is probably something most people have known about. The air gets colder outside and drier inside. It feels like the moisture just disappears from our skin. And it actually does!

We humans consist of about 75% water. We have a body temperature of around 37 degrees, and have a skin that "breathes". That is, the moisture actually evaporates out of our skin when the air is so much colder than the skin temperature.

The skin barrier

From nature's side, we are equipped with a "skin barrier". This should lie as a protective layer on the skin surface, and ensure that we do not lose too much moisture, while it should protect us from external factors (eg cold, dust, dirt and microorganisms). This skin barrier consists of a mixture of i.a. half-dead skin cells, ceramides, sebum and sweat. It does not sound so nice, but without this barrier our skin becomes very vulnerable and sensitive.

When it's cold, we do not sweat so much, nor do we secrete as much sebum. This means that our skin often needs to be supplied with both moisture and fat. The skin barrier struggles in winter, and we must help it!

The rescue is here!

Cold Weather Cream (formerly Recovery Cream) and is made precisely to help the skin barrier. It adds moisture and care, while helping the skin to retain moisture and protect itself from the cold. This cream is gentle, soothing, and can be used by the whole family!

Children's skin is thinner and often more sensitive. It is extra important to protect children's skin in the cold. You should use a cold protection cream as soon as the temperature drops below zero, and you should be out for more than two minutes.

Many of us adult ladies struggle with the small blood vessels in our face becoming more and more visible. Some also have ruptured blood vessels. This can be caused by being out in the weather and wind a lot, without protecting yourself from the sun and cold. To prevent this, it is important to use both sunscreen and cold cream.

If you really need to take care of a dry winter skin, I can also recommend Cleansing Balm , Aqua Radiance Mask , Repair & Rebuild ampoules and Lip Booster for the lips.

If you take a few drops of Capillary Control Concentrate below, you will at the same time both treat and prevent dilated blood vessels (couperose) and give a mild anti-aging.

Cold weather cream

TIP : Apply Cold Weather Cream half an hour before you go out, then the cream will be absorbed well into the skin, and nothing watery will remain on the surface.

Nice to know : This cream does not give you the oily, shiny surface that cold creams did in the past.


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