do you sleep with makeup on?

How often have you not thought; It's so late, I'm super tired, surely it does not matter to sleep with makeup on a rare occasion? Well, it causes more harm than you think!

Going to bed without cleaning your face has an unfortunate effect. Damage occurs both above and below the skin surface when you do not remove make-up before bedtime. Many makeup products contain silicones that clog pores. When the pores are blocked, your skin becomes uneven. If you are exposed to acne, it can even lead to outbreaks.

Like our internal organs, our skin is always at work. The skin consists of water, protein, lipids and various minerals and chemicals. The skin is also covered with pores, which allows us to sweat and secrete sebum (fat), a natural lubricant that moisturizes the skin and removes dead skin cells and other irritants from the pores. The skin is also a excretory organ, excreting waste products around the clock. You may have felt that it smells of the skin if you have drunk or eaten something strong the day before? When you use make-up, you block the pores from releasing both waste products and sebum, which can lead to visible larger pores, blackheads and acne over time.

When you sleep, the skin is renewed and it repairs itself. A night of makeup can and will upset the delicate balance of your skin. When the pores are blocked, your skin does not "breathe", and thus does not renew itself as well. After a night of makeup, your skin will need some time and care to restore to its previous state and create new balance. Therefore, it is important to clean and exfoliate / exfoliate / scrub regularly so that dead skin cells, sebum, make-up, sunscreen, pollution etc. do not clog the pores.

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    If you clean your face in the evening and moisturize with good skin care products, this gives your skin the opportunity to repair itself while you sleep. Not removing the makeup will prevent this from working optimally. The skin also loses moisture during the night. Dehydrated skin gets lighter lines, looks more frizzy and dry, while increasing the likelihood of impurities.

    And you, another thing: It is usually the case that you do not change the pillowcase every week, so if you do not clean the makeup one night, then you continue to lie on the same cover for several days afterwards… .not so fresh feeling when you go to bed the next day with a freshly cleaned face, huh? Sleep well, sleep clean.

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