Which Skin Gym Ampoule Kit Should I Choose?

Do you have sensitive skin? Then the Energy & Glow ampoules are best for you. The active serums have stress-relieving and energizing ingredients to promote a strengthened skin.

Does your skin feel tired? Then it is the Energy & Glow ampoules that you get the most benefit from. They help to revitalize, oxygenate and protect the skin from external stresses, which gives the skin an optimal energy level.

Do you have low-moisture, dry and stressed skin? The Repair & Rebuild ampoules are both moisturizing and they contribute to new energy. With ingredients such as amino acids, retinol and peptides, they give the skin a little kickstart.

Do you have aging skin in need of anti-aging? Then I recommend that you switch between both ampoule sets. With regular use, the skin's firmness will increase while the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles will decrease.

The ampoule concentrates give a boosting effect while the skin is balanced and feels silky soft and radiant. If you have not tried ampoules before, then you have missed something that is 100% well-being!

This is what you do:
Always start by cleansing the skin, preferably twice, to make sure that all makeup and dirt have been removed. Afterwards, give the skin a light scrub with Instant Glow Double Peel to remove dead skin cells (peeling is recommended 1-2 times a week).

Pat the skin dry and take out the ampoule of the day. To open the ampoule, you can use the ampoule opener (small plastic gadget that came with the Skin Gym) or a cotton pad. The ampoule should be broken where you see a colored line around. Thread the plastic cap over the top of the ampoule, squeeze gently and break off the tip.

Apply the serum on face, neck and chest and pat until you feel the skin "sit" a little left in your hands. Afterwards, the skin is ready for your favorite cream, but if the skin feels completely "full", you can also leave the night cream on.

It is very important that the entire ampoule is used up at once! The skin should be soaked in concentrated active ingredients, and these will evaporate if the ampoule is left open.

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