Good make-up brushes are crucial for the best possible finish. It also does not hold with just one make-up brush - to get the most out of your make-up products, you must invest in good costs adapted to each individual product.

Linda's makeup brushes:  

  • Is 100% animal friendly  
  • Is designed to last a long time  

How to apply makeup with makeup brushes?  

Powder and eye shadow are most people used to apply with a broom, however foundation , there are surprisingly many who apply with their hands. That is far from ideal. By using a proper and tight foundation diet the product will settle finer on the skin. In addition, it is much easier to build up to the desired opacity with a good foundation brush.  

Wash your makeup brushes regularly  

Avoid making the makeup brushes a mecca for bacteria and other grime, which in the worst case can lead to unclean skin, in addition to the brushes becoming worse to use. You solve this by washing your make-up brushes thoroughly and relatively often.  

We recommend that you clean your brooms once a week. Wash with Zalo or use an oil-based cleanser . Then let the brooms dry lying on a towel or standing with the bristles down against a towel. Avoid drying the make-up brush standing with the bristles up, as water will run down into the shaft / attachment, which can eventually lead to the hairs loosening.