Your cleansing routine is a big part of skin care. Find a facial cleanser and tonic you like and use it every day!

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Double cleaning for best effect

For optimal facial cleansing, we recommend " double-cleansing " . This means that you first cleanse with anoil-based cleansing cream to remove makeup, grease and sunscreen residues. Then you use onewater-based facial cleanser to wash away oil residues, as well as sweat and dirt on the skin. Finish with a tonic that deeply cleanses the skin and prepares it for serum and cream. Therefore, it pays to find a cleanser you like, and use it every day!

Cleanse the skin morning and evening

Cleansing the skin morning and evening is recommended for several reasons. It is necessary to get rid of both makeup, sun factor, pollution, waste products, sweat and excess sebum, in order for the dog to be able to use what we apply afterwards. It will also prevent impurities.

Double cleaning is recommended in the evening. Then you first use an oil-based cleanser, such as Cleansing Balm , then a water-based cleanser, such as Foaming Face Wash or Salicylic Face Wash . Finish with Balancing Tonic if you are dry or sensitive, Salicylic Tonic if you have oily skin, large pores or blackheads.

An scrub / peel will help the skin get rid of dead skin cells, which can build up and clog the pores. Our Instant Glow Double Peel scrubs the skin gently and effectively, gives a fresh glow and leaves the skin soft and receptive to masks, serums and creams.

Facial cloths such as Microfiber Facial Mittens can be used to wash away cleansing, scrubbing and masks effectively.

The result must be experienced!