Primer hype or must?

Lock It! Face base

Many people do not know why to use a primer and for that reason it is not. It is not only the foundation that gives you smooth and fine skin, it is prepared and especially the primer.

It acts as a kind of primer, ie it glues your make-up to the skin and prevents the make-up from slipping off, or settling in stripes as the hours go by. The primer absorbs sweat, gives a smoother surface and makes pores less visible.

Primer is something all makeup artists use. It makes the whole makeup fit better, it simply sticks foundation to the skin! It both smoothes and smoothes the skin and keeps the makeup in place longer. It also means that makeup does not settle in the lines, which often happens on an adult skin. Using a primer will therefore make a big difference to your result and should be applied after serum and cream, but before all makeup products. 

We have two primers in my series, one for face and one for eyes:

LOCK IT! Face Bace primer

Face Base Primer is our very best makeup friend. This is applied thinly all over the face, after the day cream / sunscreen, to even out and smooth out the skin and keep the makeup in place for a long time. The primer settles as a leveling layer under the makeup, so that large pores and fine lines are filled in and the foundation is easier to apply. It has sun factor 20, antioxidants and vitamins that care for and protect the skin. 

LOCK IT! Eye Base Primer

Eye Base is a "must have" for anyone over 35 and who no longer has smooth eyelids. It should be used even if you do not use eye shadow because all kinds of makeup sit as cast and the eyelid does not "sweat". It is placed on the eyelid to create a smoother surface for the eye shadow and ensure that it stays on all day without settling in stripes.

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