Love your SKIN! 

Many people wonder why I have chosen to make my own skincare series, I who am not a trained dermatologist.

First, I must then tell that I am one of those people who have never had a pretty skin, and d a I was in my late twenties changed my skin from "so so" to absolutely terrible; I got severe adult nudity.

After 1.5 years on antibiotics without improvement, the frustration was great, and so was the hunger for knowledge. I had to fix this myself!

And here began my journey in the skin care industry. I opened my first skin care salon in 2005 and at the same time started making my own skin care series, which came to Norway in 2008. I put my name on the series, and that is my personal guarantee to you. I will never ever put anything in my products that I can not 100% guarantee. Everything must be approved by me, and I personally develop all products in collaboration with our laboratories.