Skin care when using a face mask

Can you get pimples from face masks? Yes, unfortunately. As the use of bandages has increased in society, we are getting more and more inquiries from women who are struggling with the skin. Some become red, dry and sensitive , others get pimples and pimples . This skin condition has even been given its own name: « Mask ». There are several reasons why masking occurs:

  • Mouthpieces rub against the skin and irritate
  • Cloth-wrapped fabric and paper absorb moisture from the skin
  • It gets hot and humid inside the mouthpiece - bacteria thrive
  • Warm and moist skin is exposed to cold air when the mouthpiece is removed - risk of frostbite
  • Sweat and waste products remain on the skin


Here is the dermatologist's advice for you who experience irritated "bandage skin". To prevent masking:

  • Be careful with the cleaning routine - both morning and evening. We recommend Cleansing Balm and Foaming Face Wash
  • Use a mild peel to prevent clogged pores. We recommend Instant Glow Double Peel
  • Use a soothing serum under the moisturizer. We recommend Capillary Control Concentrate
  • Choose a light and soothing cream if you are prone to acne. We recommend Healing Cream
  • Choose a rich and soothing cream if you get dry. We recommend Cold Weather Cream
  • Remove the mask to ventilate the skin when conditions allow.
  • At night you can sprinkle with nourishing ingredients.
  • We recommend serum and cream adapted to your skin condition.

Tip: Have Recovery Cream in your bag, so you can apply it as soon as you feel it getting dry, or you should be outside in minus degrees - even for just 10 minutes.

Remember: Do not touch your face with hands that are not completely clean! Disposable sanitary napkins should only be used once, and textile sanitary napkins should be washed after each use. Both for the skin and for health 🙂

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