Do you have to change products regularly to have an effect?

Do you have to change products regularly to have an effect?

One thing that probably everyone has heard is that you have to change products regularly, because the skin gets used to them and they stop working. We can deny that right away. That is not the case.

It is not the case that if you eat broccoli every day, it eventually stops being healthy, because your skin or body says stop itself, because it no longer needs it after a while. A healthy diet does not stop being healthy even if you eat it every day, and the same goes for skin care. Documented ingredients that help the skin and work optimally will never stop working because the skin has "waited for them".

What you can experience, however, is that the WOW experience you had the first time with your new products will decrease. You will not see as much difference in time as you did in the beginning, and that is a completely natural reason for it! A jar does not deliver miracles, it delivers results. In the beginning, you can experience great improvement from what you used before, and therefore see a big difference. After a while, this advantage will be the new normal and then you quickly become blind to your own appearance. It will flatten out at some point, and what you do then by continuing to use the products, is to maintain the good result you have obtained.

Of course, there is no rule without exception

When your skin changes, either due to external conditions (medications, hormones, illness, etc.) or just due to aging, it is time to look at what you are using. For example, if you use the same products when you are in your 30s as when you are well into your 40s, then I would consider a switch. Your skin has other needs with age and here it is important to follow what the skin needs. We often hear from customers that "I have a cream I have always used, which I am very happy with, but my skin is always dry". Well, then the cream does not work properly on your skin and you should look around for another, which is richer and gives you more moisture.

Another important point is the season. If you use the same products in summer and winter, you will most likely lack a lot of moisture in the winter, or become shiny from too much moisture in the summer. The skin has different needs from season to season and you should look for what your skin needs. Most of us like light, perhaps oil-free products in the summer and richer, thicker creams in the winter.

Watch your skin, give it what it needs. Feel free to vary your products in line with both age and season.

A happy skin is a healthy skin - is a radiant skin.