skin aging

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been interested in skin and beauty in various forms. I was early fascinated by how the skin was different on me, versus my grandmother. I remember that my grandmother's skin was so good to the touch, it was extremely soft. You could almost grab it and pull it out, and thus it stood there by itself.

I was also early interested in who looked kind and beautiful. There was no similarity between what I saw and traditional beauty, it was more about who had the "soft" expression on their face. Who I thought looked beautiful was in the form of a soft and gentle expression. Could it be the condition of the skin I was looking at? After seeing pictures of the same people in adulthood, I saw that this beautiful for me as a child, came in all shapes, colors and ages.

The fascination has followed me as an adult, but today I know that the loose skin of my grandmother comes from the fact that you lose collagen and elastin when you get older, the soft skin was a scrubbed and moisturized skin, and that we all have different skin conditions by many different reasons. Now the interest has shifted more to how the skin changes during life, and why. Is there anything you can prevent? Does the "aging train" go the same for everyone or does it go faster for some? Can you age "prettier" if you work for it?


The skin is the body's largest organ, weighing on average about 3 kg. Most of us see the skin as "just skin" but it is an extremely advanced organ with many layers. It has properties that are to take care of the body's need for delimitation to the external environment, and maintenance of balance in the body's internal environment.

This is the same for everyone but how the skin ages is very individual. It is affected by several factors. Both our genes, heredity and skin color but also lifestyle, environment, climate, nutrition, stress and products. Both play a major role in skin aging.

All skin cells we look at ourselves with the naked eye are dead, and the journey from birth to death in a skin cell is about 30 days. In humans, an average adult will carry approx. two and a half kilos of dead skin, and daily we lose billions of small pieces of skin cells. The older we get, the slower this journey goes.

"Early on, I was fascinated by how the skin was different on me, versus my grandmother. I remember my grandmother's skin was so good to the touch, it was extremely soft »


As we get older, new skin cells do not form as quickly as before and the outer layer becomes thinner. This means that your skin retains moisture worse than before. The production of collagen and elastin decreases, making the network of threads less tight. As a result, the skin becomes softer, coarser and drier. Another consequence of this is wrinkles.

So what works?

The aging of the skin goes as it goes, and we can not stop it - it is a part of life.

However, there are good studies that show that you can actually slow down the aging process, or at least make it less visible to the naked eye, in the form of reducing skin imperfections, removing inflammation, moisturizing the skin and increasing the penetration of active substances, by using good products with the right mix of ingredients. We only use documented ingredients that we know work, and do not throw ourselves on any "hype" that comes. One must know that it actually works in the long run.

Doing a good routine EVERY day is a must. Skipping once in a while does not give results, in the same way that training strength once in a while does not make you stronger. Finding a good routine early will ensure you healthy, fresh skin.

Otherwise, I think it is important to remember that aging is a natural process. If the source of youth existed, the skin care industry would never exist. Regardless of lifestyle and influences on the environment, aging factors are something that is controlled by genes. Aging is not a disease, but part of the life cycle. It is like everything else in life characterized by how it is taken care of. A bit the same as a car. Regular service with oil changes, engine cleaning and polishing preserves and improves both internal and external factors.

To treat your skin daily is to make sure that it works optimally for all the years to come. No one, ever, has regretted taking care of their skin.