"That's why we love ampoules"

Our ampoules have become one of our best sellers in a short time. Here you can read what more of our customers pages about them and why they love them. "Magic drops" is one that describes them as - we love it! If you want to read more customer comments, you will find many on the product pages:
Skin Gym - Repair & Rebuild ampoules and Skin Gym - Energy & Glow ampoules .

"The beautiful little bottles of gunpowder have conjured up my skin"

I have fallen in love with the ampoules! As I get older, my skin has become more sensitive and it turns red much faster and flakes more easily. The beautiful little bottles of gunpowder have conjured up my skin. The skin does not feel so dry and it swallows the good active ingredients from the ampoules! I have fallen so in love with these beautiful little bottles that I now have them on regular delivery, and I use them every week.

Hilde Harkjerr, 44 years.


"An ampoule that you see the result of overnight"

Makan for powerful drops. An ampoule that you see the result of overnight, these are magical. They help so incredibly in elasticity, moisture and give an incredible glow. Linda's products have turned my problem skin into a fresh and glowing skin. Thank you so much for your burning commitment Linda, we are many who appreciate your phenomenal work.

Bjørg Pettersen, 40 years.


"The skin simply radiates"

Ampoules are everyday magic for me. Everyday happiness! Could use them every day, they are so delicious. Fortunately, the good feeling lasts for a while after finishing the cure. Use them alone as well, if the skin needs a little extra glow. Sometimes just because I feel so good when I use them. The skin simply radiates.

Kine Søreng, 46 years old


"A little more expensive, but they're worth it 😍"

I am very happy with these ampoules! You can actually see that there is more energy and glow in the skin. They simply give the feeling of luxury and well-being. I also like that this is a 7 day cure, with different active ingredients. I have tested ampoules from other players, but they do not reach. Linda's ampoules are a little more expensive, but they are worth it 😍

Gry Ekstrand 54 years


"Simply bottled first aid"

I LOVE ampoules! They are simply first aid in a bottle. I use them after rolling treatment, after a scrub, SOS mask or alone when I feel the skin is tired and need a little extra. When the ampoule has fully retracted, it is as if I have got "new" skin. It glows and is tight and fine❤

Hilde Normark Hunskaar, 50 years


«Like silk and diamond sprinkles on the skin»

The ampoules are some of the most beautiful things I saturate my skin with, a real moisture booster! They shower the skin with deep care and love, and it feels silky soft and smooth after application. These are just one of many products in Linda's series I just have to have in my daily skin care routine, as they are like silk and diamond sprinkles on the skin.

Lisbeth Haugsdal, 58 years.


«Lots of moisture to the skin and gives a nice glow»

The ampoules are absolutely amazing. Gives lots of moisture to the skin and gives a nice glow. Pulls quickly into the skin without becoming sticky. Gives a feeling that the skin becomes soft and looks healthy. If you need a proper boost or regular moisture for the skin, the ampoules are great.

Helene Venjar, 42 years