I'm so sensitive!

Sensitive skin type or sensitized skin condition?

Sensitive skin has almost become a common disease. More and more of us react to both products, food and other things. Sensitive skin type is really very few who have. Only those with very light / reddish / freckled skin, and those with the small blood capillaries very high up in the skin, have a genetically sensitive skin. Those who struggle with various forms of eczema and skin diseases can also be said to have sensitive skin type.

Others who struggle with sensitive skin usually have a "sensitized skin condition", ie the skin has reacted to something, which has made it reactive and sensitive. Fortunately, this is easier to do something about. The skin can be sensitized by many different things. There can be both internal and external factors. Illness and medication are one thing. Improper use of products or overstimulation of the skin is another reason why the skin may become sensitized.

A third reason may simply be that the skin is sore due to acne or that it is so dry that the skin's protective barrier does not work.

Dry and sensitive

Do you have dry skin, which reacts to almost all skin care products? Especially if you are going to be a little extra good and use active products that really work with the skin? Then it is possible that your skin is overstimulated, or that you are so dry that the skin's natural protective barrier is a bit "frayed". The first thing to do then is to add gentle, moisturizing products, and give the skin a break from active products. When the moisture balance and skin barrier are up and running again, you can probably tolerate much more.

While the skin is dry and sensitive, you should:

  • Cleanse with a mild cleansing cream
  • Use a mild peel , do not scrub with hard grains on the skin
  • Serum that only provides lots of moisture without stimulating
  • Day and night cream that provides lots of care, moisture and oils
  • Moisturizing mask that cools down stressed skin

Bold and sensitive

It is less common to be sensitive when you have oily skin. Often the sensitivity is then related to the skin being sore due to acne / inflamed pimples. Some also get this in combination with a dry skin surface. Here the solution is often also to raise the moisture level in the skin. Here the skin needs a supply of mild, water-based moisturizing products and mild cleansing products.

This is an unbalanced skin, which we must try to correct. Here are some tips:

  • Use a salicylic cleanser that cleanses down the pores, but at the same time is soothing
  • A mild peel is advisable, but start carefully and increase the time gradually
  • Salisyl serum that regulates sebum production and has an antibacterial effect
  • Serum that only provides moisture, if you can not tolerate anything active right now
  • A healing day and night cream that soothes the skin, while providing moisture
  • Moisturizing mask that cools down a sore skin


Rosacea is a skin disease, which gives a very sensitive skin. It is different in everyone, but is characterized by a slight reddening of the skin. It is often triggered by e.g. sun, cold, spicy foods, alcohol and active skin products. Some get this in periods, others are chronically red. Many people get dilated blood vessels in the skin, and some pimple-like bumps. If you suspect you have Rosacea, you should consult a dermatologist.

Even if you are diagnosed with Rosacea, you can have a good skin care routine. It may require a little more trial and error than usual, but once you get to know what your skin can withstand, you can probably use a large part of our range. Contact us with details about your skin, and we will help you further.

We recommend that you take the "test" in our skin care selector to see which products are suitable for your skin. If you do not recognize yourself in any of these descriptions, we are happy to help you with product recommendations.

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