What is the order of the products?

Questions many ask us are how long should you wait from applying serum to applying cream, where does the booster come in, sunscreen, foundation… and should you put everything in layers or what is the order?

When it comes to time between cream and serum, it is not really a pure final answer. You can wait until each layer is drawn in, or you can just place one directly over the other. As long as it feels ok on your skin. If it feels tough after serum, then you wait a bit with cream. If it feels good right after, then just drive on.

The reason why you do not have to wait between using two products is that the skin can easily process different effective ingredients at the same time. One product will never "stop" the other product or affect its purpose negatively unless it is an oil. An oil will settle as a "lid" on the skin, so it should be applied last.

A booster or a concentrate (Capillary Control) is thin and can be used either before serum or mixed in serum. It will not give any "build up" on the skin, so it just pulls in and "disappears".

When it comes to sunscreen, this should always be applied after skin care products, but before foundation . You can advantageously let this draw in a little before you lay the foundation, so that it does not become sticky. Do you need a refill of sunscreen during the day and you have foundation on? You can mix a little foundation into the sunscreen, so you maintain the glow and opacity.

Some simple main rules:

  • If the products you use contain a lot of oils / are rich, then you can feel that the products "roll" off the skin when it does not have time to absorb. Therefore, wait one minute between each layer. If it still rolls off, it's too much for your skin. Use less of each product.
  • Do you use strong products that are to puncture something, e.g. a pimple, then let it dry before applying anything else (eg Spot Killer). The reason for this is that you want it to soak in so that you do not pull the product over the skin when you apply something more afterwards.
  • If your sunscreen is a bit sticky, then it should soak in before you apply makeup.
  • If you are in doubt about the order of cream, serum, tonic or booster, apply the most thin liquid (tonic) first, then booster (thin liquid), serum (slightly thicker) and finish with face cream (thickest consistency).
  • An eye cream should be applied before applying face serum and face cream.
  • A booster is as thin as water and draws straight into the skin. You can either take it on clean skin, or they can be mixed in serum or cream.