Help! I'm so dry!

Dry skin is something most people have experienced, especially in the winter months.

When treating a dry skin, you may want to find out if the skin is dry because it lacks fat / oil or water.

Which category do you recognize yourself best in?

«Crush dry»

If you have a genetically dry skin type, sebum production is low, and the skin would like a refill of slightly oily, oil-based products. It is important to use products that take care of the little that the skin itself makes from sebum and oils.

  • A mild, cream-based cleanser is a good start.
  • It is also important to peel the skin regularly. Then you get rid of dead skin cells that lie on the surface, and other products absorb more easily into the skin.
  • Serum is good to use, to stimulate the skin in depth. Preferably oil-based.
  • A day cream that both moisturizes, nourishes and protects the skin surface is super important.
  • An active, curative night cream will work wonders while you sleep.
  • Masks and ampoules provide an extra boost from time to time.

Sensitive and dry

Often, dry skin can also become a little sensitive, because the skin's protective barrier is "frayed" and does not work optimally. Many people who feel both dry and sensitive will find that they get rid of both when the moisture balance in the skin is normalized. If the skin is not used to being supplied with active products, you may want to start a little gradually and gently.

  • A mild, cream-based cleanser is a good start
  • Using a mild peel is advisable, but do not scrub in the sensitive areas
  • Serum that provides moisture without stimulating too much
  • A day cream that moisturizes and soothes, while protecting the skin surface
  • Night cream that nourishes and nourishes the skin
  • Moisturizing, cooling mask a couple of times a week

Dry and oily at the same time

Many people struggle with a dry skin surface, while outbreaks in the form of sebum plugs or pimples still appear. This can often be due to incorrect product use, or there may be other reasons why the skin becomes unbalanced. In these cases, the solution is often to get the moisture level in the skin. When the skin feels dry, it tries to compensate for this itself, by producing more sebum. So drying out oily skin often works against its purpose.

Here you should use products that provide a lot of aqueous moisture, and stay away from the fattest and richest creams. This is a skin condition that often takes time to get balanced, so patience is essential here.

  • Use a good cleanser both morning and evening, preferably with salicylic acid.
  • Exfoliation of the skin is important, but do not scrub on inflamed pimples. Acid peel is good to use on inflamed pimples.
  • Serum that penetrates into the pores and cleans up and fights overproduction of sebum, preferably with salicylic acid.
  • A day cream that provides good moisture, while not clogging the pores
  • A treating night cream that calms a stressed skin
  • Spot treatment of pimples / outbreaks (eg with Spot Killer or acid product)
  • Use a moisturizing and cooling mask a couple of times a week

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