3 steps to beautiful autumn skin


Proper skin care for your skin

After a lovely summer with fresh, warm and humid air, autumn comes - relentlessly. Autumn can be beautiful and colorful, but for the skin it is often a bit shocking. It can struggle to adapt to colder air outside, drier air inside, less sun and more stress.

Most of us have experienced that the skin becomes drier in the fall . Some become a little more sensitive and some get more pimples - especially in the transition between the seasons. Fortunately, we can help the autumn skin.

Add moisture to the skin

When the air becomes cold and dry, moisture from our skin will evaporate. In addition, we excrete less sweat and sebum through our pores, and it is these things that make the skin dry. Therefore, it is important that you use a good moisturizer , perhaps a little richer / fatter than the one you used this summer.

The cream should both add moisture to the skin AND help the skin to hold on to it. It does not help to add a lot of moisture, if it only evaporates out of the skin in a short time.

We are equipped with a skin barrier from nature, but this needs a little help in "the cold, nice times". Our skin barrier allows the skin to retain moisture and nutrients, plus it protects us from external factors (pollution, free radicals, microbes).

Hyaluronic acid is an ingredient you can look for in a moisturizing product. Preferably hyaluronic acid with both large and small molecules, which helps several layers in the skin. This amazing ingredient can bind water 1000 times its own weight! Vegetable oil is also a good ingredient in terms of moisture and care.

Peeling, scrubbing or exfoliation?

Peeling, scrubbing and exfoliation are all ways to remove dead skin cells. Some people are a little reluctant to do this in the autumn, as they are afraid of scrubbing away the tan. But the skin becomes quite bloated by saving on the old, brown, dead skin cells throughout the autumn. It looks much fresher with a healthy skin with a nice glow!

If you like to scrub the skin with a grain peel , then choose a mild variant that does not irritate the skin. There are also many good peels with acids , which in addition to removing dead skin cells, increase cell renewal in the skin. These also have a good effect on signs of aging in the skin, pigmentations and clogged pores. A freshly peeled skin also absorbs better what you apply afterwards of skin care products.

Treatment products

Autumn and winter are the best seasons to treat the skin with slightly stronger issues. If you want to give your skin a proper kick-start , or really work with lines, pigmentation or other challenges, autumn and winter are the time to spend on this.

Active active ingredients such as retinol and acids, as well as the popular needle treatments , should preferably not be used as much while the skin is exposed to the sun. So use this time to really work with your skin. There are lots of good products and treatments you can do at home yourself. I am very much in favor of the feeling of "taking the dermatologist home to your own bathroom", and that is extra good these days. To just lock yourself in the bathroom for some free time with lots of delicious wellness products… Everyday luxury!

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