A simple skin care routine

If you are completely new to a skincare routine, it is easy to become totally overwhelmed and give up before you get started. Where to start? Do you have to have "everything" from the start? If not, what should one have and how to put it in system?

Here we will go through a very simple routine that everyone can achieve. We could also have only recommended one cream and that was it, but if you do not clean away impurities and dead skin cells, there is not really much point with a cream. You want to lubricate it and wash it off again, without it being able to get down into the skin where it actually makes a difference. Therefore, one cream becomes expensive in relation to the result! Then it is better to do a simple routine that allows the products to make a difference on the skin. Because you have to see a difference to be motivated, right?


The first step in any skincare routine is to cleanse the skin. Then you remove dirt, excess sebum, sunscreen and makeup. When your face is clean, the products you apply afterwards have a much better effect. The most important thing is to clean in the evening, but we always recommend cleaning in the morning as well. During the night, the skin excretes waste products, sweat and sebum. Most of us have woken up with shiny skin around the nose and forehead?

How to choose the right cleanser

We have 3 cleaners in our series. Some combine all, while others find their one favorite.
Here you can read what I use , and find info and prices.


Enzyme or acid peel removes built-up layers of dead skin cells, which leave a rough skin and clogged pores. They are effective in treating sun damage, wrinkles, blackheads, large pores and eruptions. When used as the second step in your routine, it will leave your skin smoother, softer and more glowing. The acids also help other products to be better absorbed into the skin. NOTE: you do not do this step every day, rather about once or twice a week.

How to choose the right scrub

We have 3 scrubs / peels in our series. 2 with acids ( AHA Peel and Miracle Glow Mask ) and 1 with enzymes, BHA Salicylic acid and grains ( Double Peel )

Choosing an AHA or BHA peel / exfoliant depends on skin type and sensitivity. AHA exfoliates the surface of the skin and is most effective for dry, sun-damaged skin. BHA exfoliates the surface of the skin and inside the pores, and is best for oily to combination skin with rashes and blackheads. If you have sensitive skin, you should rather use our Double Peel, which has enzymes, salicylic acid and mild jojoba pearls as grain.

If you have a skin that tolerates a little, you can use both an acid peel and a grain scrub in a week, but no more than once of each. If you scrub or peel your skin too often, you end up with a dry and sore skin.


In our dry climate here in the north, most of us walk around with a slightly dehydrated skin. Even if you have oily or combination skin, you most likely need to get moisture, both in the form of water and oil daily. If the skin lacks oil / fat, it will also quite automatically lack moisture, as the water loss from the skin increases. The skin's ability to hold on to water also decreases with age, so this is a need that will increase with the number of birthdays. As the seasons change, so will your need for the right moisture. In the winter we need more greasy creams, and in the summer it is nice to have light, perhaps oil-free moisturizers.

Here you will find all our creams and here are all our serums

This is a very simple skin care routine. If you want to improve or change something on your skin, then you need to add more targeted products, such as. serum or weekly home treatment. If you have pigment spots, pimples, impurities, black dots, lines or wrinkles and want to improve this, then more gunpowder is needed than cleanser and cream.

If you want help finding your routine, whether it is completely simple or more targeted, send us an email: kundeservice@lindajc.com or take our skin test.