Do you treat pimples the old-fashioned way?

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Very often, and at least in the "old days", it was common to use strong products on the pimples to dry them out. Everything from alcohol to toothpaste has been used, but fortunately we know better today.

The skin is a smart organ that will always try to fix itself, so if you use a cleanser that dries out the skin, for example, it will produce more sebum to "lubricate" itself. This results in the skin becoming shiny and oily, and then we often apply a cream that dries out the skin even more.

It gets drier, but at the same time it produces even more sebum to fix the problem, and an eternal round dance is underway. The key is to be able to curb sebum production while the skin is not dried out.

Our Salisylic products are made for just this. You can use all the products, or choose what your skin needs, maybe there are just some of them.

Instead of the toothpaste used in the old days, you can use Spot Killer. It has natural antibacterial substances, to quickly control pimples and inflammation in the skin. AHA acid prevents future outbreaks by removing dead skin cells that clog pores. A mixture of Zinc PCA and Aloe Vera reduces sebum production, soothes irritation and regulates over-active sebaceous glands. You can use this as often as you want and apply several times a day. Start as soon as you notice a "murmur" in the skin, and stop using when the inflammation (pimple) is on its way back.

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    A little note when using acne products: I would say that around 90% of those who struggle with acne or blemishes lack moisture in their skin. A dry skin has a weaker skin barrier, and then it often becomes more sensitive and impurities appear. Therefore, remember to combine acne products with moisturizing products that are suitable for this.

    I myself have a skin that must be kept in check at all times on both moisture and sebum . I use Salisylic products daily, but I am also completely dependent on my moisture favorite: Glacier Skin Lock! This is oil-free , disappears into the skin and keeps the skin moist throughout the day.

    Regards Linda

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