My dream is to fill your home with products that I myself love, use and believe that we women deserve. That's why I created Linda Home. The products launched in LINDA HOME will give you an increased degree of well-being and the feeling of a little luxury in everyday life. This is the first product in the collection, but there is more to come!

You may have heard of silk pillowcases, but not quite sure why it's good?

Silk is one of the best things you can have against your skin and hair at night, and this for many reasons. Silk consists of natural smooth fibers that help the skin maintain its natural moisture balance, keep the hair soft and in addition it is incredibly nice to sleep on. It is so lovely that once you have slept on silk, you will never sleep on anything else.

After sleeping on silk for a year, I decided that this was something I wanted to include in my skin care universe!

We spend 7-8 hours in bed every night, that's 1/3 of our lives there! That is why I always choose to spend money in delicious quality that makes me sleep well and that I enjoy myself in bed.

Most people do not know that I am home-loving and that I prefer a good night's sleep over late nights. I love lovely soft bedding, and I am the weird lady who goes and enjoys bedding in the store to find the softest.

I have known the skin's skin care property for many years, but that the effect on my skin and my hair should be experienced so dramatically, I did not know. I wake up with fewer sleep marks on my face, and rich night creams or masks remain on the skin rather than being absorbed by the bedding, which in turn causes the skin to feel less dry when I wake up. I find that my hair has less tangles and a blow dry lasts twice as long. I simply sleep well and softly, and feel that I get a better start to the day when skin and hair play together.


Silk consists of natural fibers and contains protein and amino acids that can help the skin maintain its natural moisture balance. Silk does not absorb facial oil and cream in the same way as cotton and therefore the skin will feel more moist when you wake up in the morning. In addition, the skin will glide over the silk so that sleeping and pressure marks in the skin are avoided.


Your hair will stay finer because the natural moisture is preserved, and the low friction between head and silk reduces wear on the hair. Cotton, which causes much more friction, will rub more against hair and scalp and lead to more split hairs. Silk pillowcases will thus take better care of your hair and hairstyle.


Silk does not attract dust, mites and other allergens in the same way as other textiles. The silk fibers provide a dry environment in the bed so that mites, bacteria and fungi do not thrive. The proteins of the silk fibers are equal to the proteins in our own skin. Silk is thus "known" to the body, and does not create allergic reactions.


The pillowcases now come in 3 colors; Soft White, Soft Caramel and Soft Gray. They are 50 x 70 cm. with a spacious envelope opening at the end.

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