3 typical skin care losses!

"Dear Linda. I have tried "everything" on the market for acne and oily skin for several years but nothing works. Now I have also added some products from your series but it does not work either! I'm getting desperate, what's I doing wrong?

Regards Elise »

Dear Elise,

This is a known issue and believe me - I've been in your shoes! When I was in my early 30s, I tried EVERYTHING, including antibiotics. I was completely desperate and became terribly impatient. My whole journey ended in me making my own skin care products, I did all the research myself. On the way to a skincare series, I learned some principles that I want to share with you. These are some classic mistakes I think many will recognize in, and I think this can help you!

Some get good results almost overnight, but for many of us it takes longer. Often you also get worse before you get better! It feels hopeless and unfair, but the skin is a living organ and consists of many more layers than what we can see.

The pimple you suddenly get on a Tuesday did not turn into that day, it started long before. The skin has a cycle of 3-4 weeks from the time a cell is born until it is dead, and often you do not see a difference before that. Normally it takes several cycles before it completely normalizes, so it is important to stand in it and keep your good routine.

You do not see the results you want, so you add a little extra products to "kickstart" the skin, or change series. Do not do it! The skin, and especially acne skin, is not fond of too many active products at once, so stick to a few, but good products that fit together. Let them do their job before you add any more. Stick to a series when testing, so you know if it works or not, and you must give it a minimum of 3 months. In the long run, once you are familiar with the products and found the ones you like, it is allowed to add more and mix more. Then it is also easier to understand what you are doing or which products are creating a change if you get an unwanted reaction.

You start a new routine, see good results and think "hey, I'll do more of this"! So you scrub several times a week, using the whole routine morning and night and Spot Killer all over your face. Better safe than sorry, right? Wrong! The skin also needs care and moisture, and if you scrub too often, you just dry it out. If you try to dry out an oily skin, it will only produce more sebum. Therefore, using a moisturizer is actually preventative for impurities. Spot Killer should ONLY be used on active pimples, not otherwise on the face. If you have not used active products before and have ordered our Clear Skin package , then start with a couple of products at a time. Turn your skin to them, and then add more as you go.

Hope this can help you, and do not hesitate to contact customer service and my skilled dermatologists if you need more help.

Regards Linda

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