Face creams

No matter how simple your skincare routine looks, you will not get away with face cream. Linda's recommendation is that you use one night cream and one day cream that is adapted to your skin. The day cream should protect against external stresses such as pollution, free radicals and sunlight. A night cream will nourish and help the skin repair today's damage.  

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How to choose the right face cream?

Along with cleansing, face cream is the most important product you choose for your skin. Choose face creams based on how your skin is right now, and what needs you want the cream to cover. Examples of needs can be reduction of pigments, anti-aging effect, and maybe you want a cream that soothes, softens and balances the skin. We often have several different needs, and fortunately most face creams have several properties. Also, you can choose a day cream that covers other needs than the night cream, and vice versa. During the day, for example, the skin needs protection from the outside world: From sun, pollution, free radicals, etc. In addition, it is important that the day cream adds moisture while helping the skin to hold on to it. The main task of the night cream is to care for the skin, and to help it repair damage.

If you find it difficult to know exactly what your skin needs and which creams you should choose, we can help you! Our dermatologists can give you a free and non-binding online skin consultation - then you get tips and guidance based on your skin and your needs. Linda's skin care test is super simple and quick to perform, and it gives you answers on which products are right for you.

Choose face cream according to season and circumstances

The skin and the skin's needs are constantly changing - both through life and through the seasons. Special conditions, require special creams. For example, it is important to remember that:

  • The skin should be protected with a cold cream when it is minus degrees outside
  • When you are going to be out in the sun a lot, the sun factor in your day cream does not hold. Then the skin needs a separate sunscreen for the face with high protection.
  • A red and irritated skin can be soothed with a soothing cream .

Do not forget that we can help you with everything you wonder about regarding face creams and skin care! Contact us.