Eye Creams & Eye CARE

An eye cream is designed to take care of the thin, sensitive skin around the eyes. The eye area is quickly affected by lifestyle, sleep, stress and age. Therefore, take good care of your skin - you will not regret it! Choose an eye cream tailored to your needs, and feel free to care for the delicate skin with a firming eye mask occasionally.

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Prevent wrinkles, swollen eyes and blue rings

In addition to caring for the skin around the eye area, the eye cream can help prevent wrinkles, dark circles and swollen eyes. And the sooner you start eye care - the better! After all, it is around the eye area that the first fine lines appear. However, fortunately it is never too late to introduce good routines and enjoy the results of products with active ingredients. Our eye products can help you:

  • Provide moisture and nourishment
  • Smooth out lines and soften skin
  • Strengthen the skin and capillaries
  • Reduce dark circles and bags

Which eye cream should I choose?

Which eye cream you should use, of course, depends on your needs. You may also need to use more eye products, for example if you have swollen eyes, dark circles and want to minimize and prevent lines.

Peptide Pen is a super-concentrated eye serum. With three different peptides and growth factor, this is an eye product that really works to improve the skin's elasticity and to prevent and minimize wrinkles and lines.

Eye Contour Cream is a dream product for you who want to "conjure" blue rings and swelling under the eyes! The draining ingredients draw fluid out of the area. In addition, the eye cream contains active ingredients that cause the small blood vessels in the eye area to constrict, which makes the bluishness less visible.

Dermalift Eye Cream is an anti-aging eye cream that works! Filled with active ingredients that strengthen and tighten the skin around the eyes. It can even be used on the eyelid itself.

Eye Recovery Mask is an absolutely wonderful eye mask that is suitable for absolutely everyone! It freshens the skin around the eyes in minutes. Perfect before parties, and recommended for weekly use. The eye mask immediately gives fresher and moisturized skin.

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