One or more face masks are something absolutely everyone should have in their skincare routine! A face mask pampers the skin and gives quickly visible results - whether it is in the form of moisture and glow, dampening of impurities or simply a proper WOW effect before you go to a party.

Linda's most famous face mask SOS Face Saver Mask has been a bestseller for 10 years and gives glowing skin at 1-2-3.

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Take the facials at home in the bathroom!

Few things beat the feeling of clean, glowing and fresh skin when you leave the skin care salon. Precisely this experience you can actually get at home in your own bathroom.

Linda's masks and treatments are full of active ingredients that make a difference to your skin. Regardless of what your skin needs and how much time you are willing to invest, we have a treatment that takes your skin care routine to a new level.

Which facials should I choose?

Knowing what your skin needs is not always easy. Besides, it varies! Your skin probably needs several different masks and treatments throughout a month, a year and throughout life.

For instant moisture, glow and a "fake lift", SOS Face Saver Mask is a sure winner. This face mask transforms the skin in a few minutes, and is suitable for absolutely everyone. Use it regularly, and when you need a "quick-fix" before you go for something special.

Give the skin a proper deep exfoliation with Dermaglow AHA Peel which gives a smoother skin surface with a healthier look. This power bomb works deep in the skin and creates results - both in the long and in the short term. It is suitable for everyone over the age of 35, but not for sensitive and allergic skin.

Aqua Radiance Mask is a soothing and soothing mask. It refreshes and cools dry, stressed and irritated skin. Use it as often as you want - preferably several times a week. You can even sleep with it. The mask is suitable for absolutely all skin types, including children's skin and acne.

The 3-Step Facial Kit gives you "glow-on-the-go". Give your skin a professional skin treatment, wherever you are. The facial treatment consists of 3 simple and super effective steps. The skin is exfoliated, moisturized and balanced on 1-2-3!

Special areas may need a little extra care. To reduce swelling under the eyes, the Eye Recovery Mask is unique, and the Décolleté Mask is a sheet mask for the chest that provides moisturized, smooth skin. Linda's Thermaspa Face Shapers can be used cold to reduce swelling and provide a firming effect, or heat - for example for applying serums and creams.

Deep-acting spa treatments for the skin

Occasionally, the skin needs a really intensive facial. Linda has developed several effective home treatments that work in depth and provide visible and lasting results.

When the skin needs extra glow , the ampoules in Skin Gym Energy & Glow are fantastic.

The ampoules in Skin Gym Repair & Rebuild restore the skin's moisture balance and elasticity.

Meso Glow rolling system is a completely unique skin roller with self-dissolving needles filled with active ingredients. This is a four-week course full of active ingredients!

Get a tailored skin care routine - tailored to your skin

By taking Linda's skin care test , you get answers to which products and treatments suit your skin and your needs. You can also order an online skin consultation with one of our skilled skin care professionals.