This week's theme is eyes! Eye makeup gives your eyes immediate intensity, and can highlight your features for both everyday and party. Did you think it was fun to put on make-up when you were young? There is no reason to stop, even though it may have become more challenging over the years.

We give 20% on eye shadows, mascara and eyeliner, and the offer applies 05.05.2021 - 11.05.2021.

Read more about "6 week makeup challenge" here

Single Shade
Girle Beige is a light color used in the corner of the eye, under the brow wing and the upper part of the eyelid. Intermediate colors, for lower and upper eyelids as day or night, from lightest to darkest: Toast , Rose Gold , Pink Blush , Warm Brown , Deep Mauve , Deep Copper and Glam . Dark colors, from deep to darkest - Dark Eggplant Pearl , Coffee Break , Graphite , Black Coffee .

Eye Pencil Brown / Black
Eye Pencil is a waterproof eyeliner that is easy to apply and that fits well. Lifts and opens the gaze. Perfect for creating a precise liner on the lash line, or on the wet edge. Comes in two colors; dark brown and black .

XL Mascara
My mascara is thick and black, and it is made to apply layer-on-layer. Not waterproof, but waterproof. Mild to the lashes. Now with a new and slightly less curved broom for easier application on short lashes.



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