Made for an imperfect skin, ie normal skin. For you who want a natural makeup that does not settle in lines and pores. Made in the USA, 100% animal friendly and skin friendly.

The entire makeup line is under redesign and reformulation. Therefore, the selection is limited until all news is launched during the spring of 2022.

Feeling fresh and nice is just as important regardless of age! I have made makeup that can be used by anyone. The main focus is on natural and transparent colors, which give an even and natural result, but with a "WOW factor". We all deserve to shine a little, both for everyday and for parties, and in my series, everyone should be able to find something that fits.

You lay the foundation with primer, concealer , foundation and powder . Then it's the glow and what you want to highlight with blush, bronzer and highlight .

The eyes are marked with eye shadows, eye pencils and mascara . For the lips, I have made both glosses and lipsticks in many colors.

For best results, the "tool" has everything to say. With the right makeup brushes and accessories , it is easier to apply makeup nicely.

If you want, you can watch a small film where I show how I make up with these goodies.

Remember: It's your time to shine!