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Here you will find the month's most popular products in skin care and makeup.

  • #1 The Skin Firmer

    Get new glow and rejuvenated skin with The Skin Firmer!

    • Now you don't have to take expensive salon treatments several times a year. With The Skin Firmer, you can treat your skin at home and get a professional result.
    • The treatment consists of a microneedling device and a specially adapted serum that is pushed into the skin with the help of thin micro-needles. Needles and serum for 5 treatments (value NOK 1100) are included in the package.
    • The Skin Firmer, together with the serum is clinically tested and documented to give results after only 4 weeks!

    SEK 2 999
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  • #2 Self Tan Face Drops

    Self-tanning has never been easier! "My Self Tan Face Drops are made for those of us who are not "professional self-tanners". For those of us who do not want to get a southern tan, but have a natural sun-kissed glow in the skin. I am concerned that they should not smell of self-tanning, the color should don't transfer to bedding or clothes, or the skin feels sticky afterwards. After two years of testing, I'm done, and I hope you'll love them!" - Linda

    • Mix 2-4 drops in your moisturizer
    • No seal tanning smell, does not rub off
    • Natural, vegan, plant-based
    • Provides moisture and glow to the skin

    SEK 499
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  • #3 15% Vitamin C Skin Booster

    Double effect, without increased sensitivity! Vitamin C Booster is a concentrated serum that strengthens the skin's elasticity and firmness, gives glow and smoother skin tone and corrects fine lines. Vitamin C is among the best documented active ingredients in skin care and in this antioxidant mix we use 15% vitamin C together with 0.2% ferulic acid (ferulinic acid), and 1% Raykami which doubles the effect of vitamin C.

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  • #4 SOS 5-minute Rescue Mask

    My award-winning SOS face mask gives party-ready skin at 1-2-3 ! This fabulous mask gives you fresh and radiant skin in just 5 minutes. If you have not tried it yet, you have missed something! SOS Face Saver Mask is an intensely moisturizing face mask that:  

    • Restores skin moisture balance  
    • Gives glowing skin  
    • Gives a little "fake-lift"  
    • A bestseller!

    SEK 629
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  • #5 Magical Peel

    Magical Peel (formerly Double Peel) contains both enzymes and small jojoba grains, and thus provides both chemical and mechanical face peel in one! The enzymes loosen dead skin cells, while the small grains mechanically exfoliate the skin on the surface.

    • Cleanses pores and removes dead skin cells
    • Used 1-3 times per week, after cleansing (normal / dry / combination / oily skin)
    • Cleanses both the pores and the surface of the skin

    SEK 439
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Best-selling makeup products

  • #1 Makeup Palettbygger

    SEK 0
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  • #2 Flawless Foundation

    Skincare infused makeup! Flawless Foundation is our super-bestseller because of its natural, moisture-retaining and semi-covering texture. Full of skin care ingredients such as Vit E, Vit C, Ginseng, peptides, ferulic acid and plant extracts. It doesn't settle into pores and lines, and it makes imperfect skin look absolutely stunning. We promise!

    SEK 499
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  • #3 Balmy Lip Gloss

    Skincare infused makeup! Finally a Lipgloss with both a lip balm effect and skin care ingredients that are delicious on the lips, hour after hour. Contains a total of six Plant Oils, Antioxidants, Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid in a non-sticky formula that gives light color and lovely shine. Moisturizes the lips without making them sticky.

    SEK 349
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  • #4 Correcting Pen

    Light-reflecting light concealer pen that brightens dark areas, without covering the skin completely. Perfect for use under the eyebrow, in the corner of the eye and around the lip contour for an uplifting effect. Comes in the color Light / Medium, which suits most people.

    SEK 439
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  • #5 Brow Pencil

    Brow Pencil er en øyenbrynspenn som både fyller ut brynet og du kan tegne små hår med den ultfrafine penntippen. Pennen er vannfast og fargen sitter opp til 15 timer.

    SEK 249
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