Top 10 best-selling products

Here you will find the month's most popular products in skin care and makeup.
Maybe one of these is your new favorite?

  • #1 SOS Face Saver Mask

    Min prisbelønte SOS ansiktsmaske gir festklar hud på 1-2-3!
    Denne fabelaktige masken gir deg en fresh og strålende hud på kun 5 minutter. Har du ikke prøvd den ennå så har du gått glipp av noe!

    SOS Face Saver Mask er en intenst fuktighetsgivende ansiktsmaske som:  

    • Gjenoppretter hudens fuktbalanse 

    • Gir glødende hud 

    • Gir et lite «fake-lift»  

    • En bestselger!

    kr 629
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  • Daily Enzyme Gentle Peel

    #2 Daily Enzyme Gentle Peel

    As the name suggests, Daily Peel is adapted for daily use . It contains two types of enzymes and comes in a powder consistency - completely without grains, which are mixed with water by hand.

    • Cleanses pores and removes dead skin cells
    • Can be used daily (normal / combination / oily skin)
    • Can be used on sensitive skin (1-2 g. Per week)
    • Can be applied as a mask once a week (5-10 minutes, on all skin types)

    kr 439
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  • Niacinamide Serum 20%

    #3 Niacinamide 20% Serum

    Niacinamide 20% Serum works wonders for sun-damaged, aging and rough skin as well as large pores and pigment spots due to its high concentration of the super-ingredient Niacinamide. In addition, the skin is enhanced with antioxidants, amino acids and sedative Beta Glucan. The serum will effectively minimize and tighten the pores in addition to dampening pigment spots, strengthening the skin barrier and smoothing out a rough skin texture. A real super-power serum!

    kr 799 – or subscribe and get up to 10% off
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  • #4 24 K Gold Serum

    Our best-selling 24 K Gold Serum consists of moisturizing hyaluronic acid, cell-renewing growth factor and 24 carat gold flakes. Together, the ingredients form a fantastic moisturizing and anti-aging serum that gives a great shine and glow.

    • Gives moisturized and radiant skin immediately, without becoming oily
    • With concentrated hyaluronic acid
    • EGF growth factor, which boosts cell renewal, and gives a more supple skin

    kr 699 – or subscribe and get up to 10% off
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  • TLC Day cream face cream with lid product image

    #5 TLC Day Cream

    TLC Day Cream moisturizes, repairs, protects, has SPF 30 and feels silky soft and light. The day cream is suitable for all skin types with its allergy-friendly probiotic formula. It softens fine, dry lines and has a balancing effect on the skin. TLC = Tender Love & Care

    • Day cream for all skin types
    • Protects, repairs and adds delicious moisture
    • With SPF 30
    • For normal / dry / combination / sensitive / rosacea skin

    kr 799 – or subscribe and get up to 10% off
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Best-selling makeup products

  • Flawless Foundation Light

    #1 Flawless Foundation SPF20

    Flawless Foundation has become a super-bestseller among our customers due to its natural and semi-opaque texture. It does not settle in the pores and it makes imperfect skin look fantastic. Now it is under re-design and the selection is expanded from 4 to 9 colors that will be launched in Jan / Feb 2022. Therefore we only have the two best-selling and universal colors; LIGHT and LIGHT / MED in stock.

    kr 499
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  • #2 XL Mascara

    Vil du at vippene skal bli mer markert og se fyldigere ut, må du ha en maskara som kan bygges lagvis. Min maskara er tykk og sort, og den er laget for å legge lag-på-lag. Ikke vannfast, men vannsikker. Mild mot vippene. 

    kr 359
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  • Sunglow Bronzer

    #3 Sunglow Bronzer

    Sunglow Bronzer is suitable for both warm and cold skin tones and can be used all year round. Perfect as a blush or transparent eye shadow for a natural finish when you have a bad time. Note! This bronzer is under redesign and will return in the new year in 3 colors!

    kr 549
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  • #4 Correcting Pen

    Light-reflecting light concealer pen that brightens dark areas, without covering the skin completely. Perfect for use under the eyebrow, in the corner of the eye and around the lip contour for an uplifting effect. Comes in the color Light / Medium, which suits most people.

    kr 439
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  • #5 Brow Pencil

    Brow Pencil er en øyenbrynspenn som både fyller ut brynet og du kan tegne små hår med den ultfrafine penntippen. Pennen er vannfast og fargen sitter opp til 15 timer.

    kr 249
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