Top 10 best-selling products

Here you will find the month's most popular products in skin care and makeup.
Maybe one of these is YOUR new favorite?

  • Facial Sun Cream, SPF 50

    #1 Facial Sun Cream SPF50+

    NEW NAME - SAME CONTENT! Facial Sun Cream SPF 50+ is a broad-spectrum anti-aging sunscreen, with a light consistency and high SPF. It protects against both UVA / UVB and blue-light radiation, which can damage the skin's structure and lead to premature aging of the skin. Does not become oily, does not clog pores and provides maximum protection. Suitable for all skin types. Perfume-free formula. NOW in 50 ML!

    kr 599 kr 479
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  • #2 TLC Moisturiser SPF 30

    TLC Moisturizer moisturizes, repairs, protects, and it is silky soft and light. Suitable for all skin types with its allergy-friendly formula. It softens fine, dry lines and has a balancing effect on the skin.

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  • #3 Floral Gardenia Hydrating Lotion

    A nourishing and nourishing body lotion with natural ingredients. Cactus figs and argan oil are rich in vitamin E, which protects and repairs, while shea butter drenches the skin with nourishment. All this in a rich lotion, which quickly absorbs into the skin and leaves it protected, moisturized, soft and with a mild floral scent. The product is 90% natural!

    kr 449
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  • #4 Thermaspa Face Shaper

    With this gorgeous news, you can easily give yourself one of the most trendy treatments on the market right now! This is as simple as it is ingenious. Two liquid-filled glass spheres that can be used either cold or hot - over and over again - as often as you like. The results are immediate, and if you use them regularly, the stimulation of the skin will also have a long-term effect.

    kr 699 kr 559
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  • Green Tea Facial Mist with cork on a white background

    #5 Green Tea Facial Mist

    A face mist is one of the most versatile products you can use. It can be sprayed on before serum, cream or masks, over or under makeup, several times during the day, whether you are on the beach or sitting in front of a screen. This contains aloe vera, cucumber water, green tea, vitamin B5 and extract of spirulina and has a natural fresh scent of orange blossom and cucumber.

    kr 379 kr 303
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Best-selling makeup products

  • Flawless Foundation Light

    #1 Flawless Foundation SPF20

    Flawless Foundation has become a super-bestseller among our customers due to its natural and semi-opaque texture. It does not settle in the pores and it makes imperfect skin look fantastic. Now it is under re-design and the selection is expanded from 4 to 9 colors that will be launched in the winter of 2022. Therefore, we only have the two best-selling and universal colors; LIGHT and LIGHT / MED in stock.

    kr 499
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  • #2 Lip Booster

    Lip Booster plumps and revitalizes your lips with peptides, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. An intensive lip treatment for smoother, fuller, moisturized and younger lips. This one you will love, I recommend you buy two right away; one for the bathroom and one in the bag.

    kr 349
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  • #3 Correcting Pen

    Light-reflecting light concealer pen that brightens dark areas, without covering the skin completely. Perfect for use under the eyebrow, in the corner of the eye and around the lip contour for an uplifting effect. Comes in the color Light / Medium, which suits most people.

    kr 439
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  • #4 XL Mascara

    New and better diet! Our lashes become shorter and thinner with age. If you want the lashes to be more marked and look fuller, you must have a mascara that can be built in layers. My mascara is thick and black, and it is made to apply layer-on-layer. Not waterproof, but waterproof. Mild to the lashes. Now with a new and slightly less curved broom for easier application on short lashes.

    kr 359
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  • #5 Plumping Lip Gloss

    Lip gloss that makes the lips full and glossy, without too much shimmer and glitter. Contains vitamin A & E which protects, moisturizes and softens the lips, while giving you color and shine.

    kr 299
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