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Here you will find the month's most popular products in skin care and makeup.

  • #1 Self Tan Face Drops

    Selvbruning har aldri vært enklere! 

    "Mine Self Tan Face Drops er laget for oss som ikke er "proffe selvbrunere". For oss som ikke vil bli syden-brune, men ha en naturlig solkysset glød i huden. Jeg er opptatt av at de ikke skal lukte selvbruning, fargen skal ikke smitte av på sengetøy eller klær, eller huden føles klissete etterpå. Etter to år med testing er jeg i mål, og jeg håper du vil elske dem! "
    - Linda 


    • Bland 2-4 dråper i din fuktighetskrem

    • Ingen selbruningslukt, smitter ikke av

    • Naturlig, vegansk, plantebasert

    • Gir fukt og glød til huden


    kr 499
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  • Daily Enzyme Gentle Peel

    #2 Daily Enzyme Gentle Peel

    As the name suggests, Daily Peel is adapted for daily use . It contains two types of enzymes and comes in a powder consistency - completely without grains, which are mixed with water by hand.

    • Cleanses pores and removes dead skin cells
    • Can be used daily (normal / combination / oily skin)
    • Can be used on sensitive skin (1-2 g. Per week)
    • Can be applied as a mask once a week (5-10 minutes, on all skin types)

    kr 439
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  • #3 15% Vitamin C Skin Booster

    Double effect, without increased sensitivity! Vitamin C Booster is a concentrated serum that strengthens the skin's elasticity and firmness, gives glow and smoother skin tone and corrects fine lines. Vitamin C is among the best documented active ingredients in skin care and in this antioxidant mix we use 15% vitamin C together with 0.2% ferulic acid (ferulinic acid), and 1% Raykami which doubles the effect of vitamin C.

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  • Niacinamide Serum 20%

    #4 Niacinamide 20% Serum

    Niacinamide 20% Serum works wonders for sun-damaged, aging and rough skin as well as large pores and pigment spots due to its high concentration of the super-ingredient Niacinamide. In addition, the skin is enhanced with antioxidants, amino acids and sedative Beta Glucan. The serum will effectively minimize and tighten the pores in addition to dampening pigment spots, strengthening the skin barrier and smoothing out a rough skin texture. A real super-power serum!

    kr 799 – or subscribe and get up to 10% off
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  • #5 Cleansing Balm

    Cleansing Balm is a facial cleanser developed for you with dry and sensitive skin. It cleanses the skin thoroughly and gently, while removing all forms of makeup, including waterproof mascara. This is a 2 in 1 cleanser, which is also suitable as the first cleanser in a double cleansing routine!
    Cleansing Balm contains lots of wonderful plant oils that really moisturize and nourish your skin.
    • Gives moisture-saturated and clean skin immediately
    • Removes all makeup
    • Can be used as a face mask
    • Suitable for normal / dry / young / adult / sensitive / rosacea skin

    kr 439
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Best-selling makeup products

  • #1 Flawless Foundation SPF20

    Flawless Foundation SPF 20 is our super-best seller due to its natural, moisture-retaining and semi-opaque texture. It does not settle in pores and lines, and it makes imperfect skin look absolutely fantastic. We promise!

    kr 499
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  • #2 COVER UP Concealer

    Cover Up Concealer (formerly Hide It Concealer) is a moisturizing concealer that covers various types of irregularities with a natural and flawless result. It hides dark circles under the eyes, redness and impurities.

    kr 399
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  • #3 Baked Powder Foundation

    Baked Powder Foundation er en ultralett baked formula som gir en naturlig, silkeaktig finish. Har en fløyelsmyk tekstur for lett dekkevne som sitter i mange timer. Bruk den alene for en naturlig finish eller over Flawless Foundation for en mer dekkende effekt. En bestselger som du blir avhengig av!

    kr 549
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  • #4 LOCK IT Face Primer

    A primer is used to even and smooth the skin and keep the makeup in place all day. The serum-like, ultralight formula contains SPF 20 and the antioxidants C, E and A which together protect against free radicals, environmental damage and sun. The makeup is "glued" to the skin and stays on all day. Suitable for all skin types, perfect for you with pores, lines and / or uneven skin.

    kr 549
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  • #5 Superfine HD Powder

    Superfine Powder is an HD (High Defense) Powder, ie a talc-free mineral-based mattifying powder that does not settle in pores or lines, it is completely invisible. The finely ground consistency creates a perfect "soft focus effect", and "locks" foundation on the skin by binding it to the surface.

    • Fixing powder
    • Finely painted and weightless
    • Without talc

    kr 549
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