Top 10 best-selling products

Here you will find the month's most popular products in skin care and makeup.
Maybe one of these is your new favorite?

  • Niacinamide Serum 20%

    #1 Niacinamide 20% Serum

    Niacinamide 20% Serum works wonders for sun-damaged, aging and rough skin as well as large pores and pigment spots due to its high concentration of the super-ingredient Niacinamide. In addition, the skin is enhanced with antioxidants, amino acids and sedative Beta Glucan. The serum will effectively minimize and tighten the pores in addition to dampening pigment spots, strengthening the skin barrier and smoothing out a rough skin texture. A real super-power serum!

    kr 799 – or subscribe and get up to 10% off
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  • Christmas calendar skin care 2021 Linda Johansen skincare open

    #2 Lindas Julekalender Deluxe 2021

    For Linda, the Christmas holiday is about taking time for what she rarely achieves in everyday life. With her luxurious Christmas calendar, full of favorites, news, and "limited editions", she wants to invite all women to an Advent time filled with small luxury gifts, and an opportunity to put extra value on themselves.

    • The Christmas calendar contains, among other things, 8 full-size products, 2 new products and 4 limited edition products. Value of NOK 7,300.
    • Due to size and value, we recommend the calendar delivered to the post office or Instabox. Linda JC has no responsibility for the shipment. 

    kr 7 353 kr 2 990
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  • Christmas calendar skin care 2021 Linda Johansen skincare open

    #3 Lindas julekalender Classic 2021

    Linda has focused on you being both surprised and impressed when you see what is hidden inside the small drawers. That's why the calendars contain several full-size favorites, brand new news and exciting "limited editions".

    • The Christmas calendar contains, among other things, 2 full-size products, 1 novelty and 6 limited edition products. Value of NOK 4,400!
    • Due to size and value, we recommend the calendar delivered to the post office or Instabox. Linda JC has no responsibility for the shipment. 

    kr 4 413 kr 1 990
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  • #4 Magical Peel

    Magical Peel (formerly Double Peel) contains both enzymes and small jojoba grains, and thus provides both chemical and mechanical face peel in one! The enzymes loosen dead skin cells, while the small grains mechanically exfoliate the skin on the surface.

    • Cleanses pores and removes dead skin cells
    • Used 1-3 times per week, after cleansing (normal / dry / combination / oily skin)
    • Cleanses both the pores and the surface of the skin

    kr 439
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  • Linda Johansen - Fantastic after 40

    #5 Fantastisk etter 40

    Do you find it difficult to understand how to improve your skin, how to apply makeup or why you should use so many skin care products in adulthood? Adult skin has different needs than young skin because genes and hormonal changes affect skin aging. In this book you will learn about skin care, what actually works and what is the skin's need to look healthy, healthy and young. In addition, the book is packed with useful info on everything from botox to laser treatments and makeup tips for adult skin. This is the ultimate guide for you over 40 who need help in the beauty jungle, and a perfect gift for yourself, your mother or a good friend.

    kr 399 kr 349
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Best-selling makeup products

  • Flawless Foundation Light

    #1 Flawless Foundation SPF20

    Flawless Foundation has become a super-bestseller among our customers due to its natural and semi-opaque texture. It does not settle in the pores and it makes imperfect skin look fantastic. Now it is under re-design and the range is expanded from 4 to 9 colors that will be launched in the beginning of 2022. Therefore, we only have the two best-selling and universal colors; LIGHT and LIGHT / MED in stock. If you need the color Medium Gold, we will sell them in mini packages until we get a large size in stock again. See the package below here.

    kr 499 kr 374
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  • #2 Lip Booster

    Lip Booster plumps and revitalizes your lips with peptides, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. An intensive lip treatment for smoother, fuller, moisturized and younger lips. This one you will love, I recommend you buy two right away; one for the bathroom and one in the bag.

    kr 349
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  • Sheer Powder Foundation

    #3 Sheer Powder Foundation

    The Sheer Powder Foundation gives a natural, silky matte finish with a «soft focus » effect. It is easy to apply and is perfect over Flawless or Sheer Foundation for a more opaque and glowing effect. We love it!

    kr 549 kr 411
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  • #4 XL Mascara

    Our lashes become shorter and thinner with age. If you want the lashes to be more marked and look fuller, you must have a mascara that can be built in layers. My mascara is thick and black, and it is made to apply layer-on-layer. Not waterproof, but waterproof. Mild to the lashes. Now with a new and slightly less curved broom for easier application on short lashes.

    kr 359
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  • Sunglow Bronzer

    #5 Sunglow Bronzer

    Sunglow Bronzer is suitable for both warm and cold skin tones and can be used all year round. Perfect as a blush or transparent eye shadow for a natural finish when you have a bad time. Note! This bronzer does not give shimmer and is therefore perfect for adult skin.

    kr 549 kr 274
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