Cold treatment has become popular among celebrities lately, and maybe that's not so strange? The combination of cold, massage and good products will make your skin feel tighter, more plump, and with a wonderful fresh glow. Who doesn't want that?

New in Norway: Thermaspa Face Shaper

Several famous faces abroad have thrown themselves into the trend and are bragging about it. I am proud to be one of the first in Norway to offer cold therapy as home treatment! My new tool can drain fluid under the eyes, help mark the jawbone, soothe hot flashes, heal the skin after acid treatment or reduce other skin irritations.

You know the fresh, red cheeks and the slightly tight skin you have after a trip outside in really cold weather? This is what I'm talking about. With my gorgeous Thermaspa Face Shaper you can experience that effect at home in your own bathroom.

Treating the skin with cold and heat is not something new, it is a well-known form of treatment in the salon, and something I myself used a lot in my own salons back in time. The principle is simple; a heated skin becomes more receptive to absorbing products, at the same time as cold calms down a red and warm skin, and among other things makes the pores appear smaller.


You may have heard us talk about taking the dermatologist home in your own bathroom? With this gorgeous news, you can easily give yourself one of the most trendy treatments on the market. It's as simple as it is ingenious. Two liquid-filled glass spheres that can be used either cold or hot - over and over again - as often as you like. The results are immediate, and if you use them regularly, the stimulation of the skin will also have a long-term effect.

There are two ways to use them:


Boil water, and put Thermaspa Face Shaper in the hot water for approx. 5 minutes. Apply cleansing product on the skin - preferably Cleansing Balm (ps; the skin should be clean first). Use the glass balls, and massage the cleanser on the face, neck and chest for a few minutes.

The heat makes the skin absorb products more easily, the pores open and the cleansing becomes deeper. You get a delicious, soothing end to a long day.


Put Thermaspa Face Shaper in the freezer for at least 10 minutes (If your skin is sensitive to cold, they can be stored in the refrigerator). Apply serum (or possibly cream) to the skin. Massage the product with the glass balls, on face, neck and chest.

The cold activates the circulation in the skin, reduces swelling by draining fluid and is experienced as delicious and cooling. Ice therapy is perfect for you who wake up with a swollen face and want to easily remove fluid, have skin irritations, or experience hot flashes.


  • Use one Face Shaper hot and the other cold, if you want to use them one after the other in the same treatment
  • They can be stored in the freezer, but remember to keep them in the included bags
  • They can be used hot, but never take them straight from the freezer to boiling water
  • In the accompanying brochure, you will find a description of how to use the glass balls to massage, drain and "sculpt" the face, for the best possible results.

See how Linda uses Thermaspa Face Shaper in this video:


When the skin heats up or cools down, the small blood vessels (capillaries) react by dilating and contracting. When the skin gets hot, the pores expand to release excess heat. The opposite happens when it gets cold - then the pores contract. It is these natural processes that we utilize in this treatment to drain and "sculpt" the face. In skin care salons, these two elements have been used for years, where they are often referred to as "Cryo facial".

When we use the balls heat, blood circulation increases and the pores expand. This leads to a deeper cleansing and the skin can more easily absorb effective ingredients. Do you use an oil-based cleaning product, e.g. Cleansing Balm, the balls become easy to work with, and you can stimulate the skin for several minutes.

When we choose to use the balls cold, the capillaries will contract, fluid accumulation under the eyes and elsewhere on the face will be reduced, the skin will be calmed and the pore size will be reduced. Feel free to use them cold with a serum. Many people find that they can highlight and shape cheekbones and jawbones when using cold balls. When the cold massage is finished, the skin will continue to work. The blood circulation is increased without increasing the pore size, and you get a plump, smooth skin, with a beautiful fresh glow!

NOTE! If you have very sensitive skin or Rosacea, you should try these carefully. Heat them in hot tap water instead of boiling water, and cool them in the refrigerator instead of in the freezer. The balls can be used without product on the skin as well, but then they must be rolled over the skin instead of letting them slide and massaging with them.


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