Cold Weather Cream

Ceramides - the ingredient the skin is completely dependent on

An ingredient that both the very youngest, the oldest and everyone in between should have in the bathroom cabinet! The ingredient we are talking about is ceramides, which are simply explained as lipids or oils that both protect, repair and balance the skin. In fact, our skin is completely dependent on ceramides. Our largest organ naturally consists of about 50% lipids. These lipids are essential for the function of the skin barrier.

Why add extra ceramides?

Even though the skin consists of, among other things, ceramides, it will occasionally benefit from having more of the protective and repairing ingredient added. One thing is that the amount of the important building block gradually decreases, as we get older. Another thing is that we live with a tough, Nordic climate that constantly puts the skin barrier to the test. In addition, there are a number of stresses and conditions that can weaken the skin barrier and increase the need for the supply of ceramides - both to repair, and to protect and prevent damage.


A good ceramide cream can do wonders for skin such as:

  • Is overtreated (for example after a strong peel, or use of acids)
  • Is sensitive and dry
  • Is red and irritated


Prevent damage by using a cream with the wonder ingredient:

  • On the coldest days
  • After a strong acid treatment


A strong skin barrier is important to "seal" and ensure that the skin does not release moisture and other nutrients. When the barrier is strengthened, the following will:  

  • Moisture and nourishment remain in the skin and do not evaporate  
  • The risk of dehydration and other skin problems decreases  

Miracle cream for the whole family

Linda's customer cream, Cold Weather Cream , is thus much, much more than just that . A cold cream, that is. In addition to ceramides, the cream contains, among other things, Spanish olive oil, shea butter and almond oil. The combination of the caring, protective and repairing ingredients is a cream that absolutely everyone should have available all year round, and that the whole family can use when needed!  

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