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VIP Discount×

Linda explains briefly about products at a fixed discount×

My biggest wish is that you will experience what a difference my products can make to your skin. To achieve results, a good skin care routine every day is a must, then it is wise to have products at a fixed discount. With a fixed discount, you are guaranteed to always have the products delivered before you run out, and you have a varied range that is good for the skin. In addition, you save several hundred kroner every time! With us you can have single products at a fixed discount with a smaller discount, or you can have one of our exclusive VIP -Packages with a larger discount, + gift in each package. You choose what suits you. 

What does a fixed discount mean?×

It simply means that you get the products you choose, home in the mail automatically. You choose how often the interval ( max. 5 months between each interval) and you can change this easily yourself on «Your profile» 

Do I get a discount by having regular delivery?×

Yes, of course you do, we call it a fixed discount! With us you can have single products at a fixed discount with up to 25% discount, or you can have one of our exclusive VIP -Packages at a fixed discount with up to 30% discount + gift in each package. You choose what suits you. 

Am I committing to something?×

Is there anything more boring than committing to a subscription with products that turn out not to fit? Absolutely not! We want you as a customer to be satisfied, so there is no binding on our packages or products. 

Can I change the interval myself from time to time?×

Yes, you can do that via your profile. You have full access to change the interval on your package, but you can only change the dispatch date a maximum of 1 month in advance. You can always have the package sent out from today's date if you wish.

How do I know which package to choose?×

You will find comprehensive information about all products on our website, but if you want guidance, we are happy to help you. Our skin care therapist Monica or May Britt, will help you to put together the perfect products for your needs, please contact by phone or by mail: +47 09234 / 

Can I change the products in the packages from time to time?×

Yes you can! The packages only have a fixed number of products that the package must contain, and day / night cream may be "locked" in some packages. Inside Your Profile after logging in, you can change the contents of the package from time to time.

How do I cancel my fixed discount?×

Fixed discount runs automatically until you exit D in Profil. Here you have a full overview of your fixed discounts. If you choose to quit, it will still say the date when the next package should go out, but that is because you can choose to start it again by the specified date, before it is quit completely.

How do I get a gift in each package?×

You always get a great gift in your package when you subscribe to one of our exclusive VIP packages. We want to pamper you as a thank you for your loyalty. The gifts are picked out by Linda personally, and there is always something she wants to use. 

Can I buy the gift separately?×

Some gifts are products from the online store and you can buy them at regular price. While some are specially selected by Linda and are not for sale. But there are always great gifts no matter what.

How do I become a VIP member?×

By having a VIP package at a fixed discount, you are automatically upgraded to VIP membership level. Then you always get free shipping on your orders and you get extra b eautyp oeng on all your purchases.

How do I get free shipping on my regular deliveries?×

  1. Fixed discount gives free shipping if you have a VIP package, or individual products for a sum of more than NOK 2,000 per order.
  2. By having a VIP package on Fast Rabatt, you are automatically upgraded to VIP membership level and you always get free shipping on ALL orders. 

Shipping and delivery×


We have a selection of our products at TaxFree Gardemoen, Bergen, Stavanger, Kristiansand and Trondheim. Here you get a 25% discount which is the same as VAT.

Hva er “Instabox” levering?×

Instabox is a new shipping option that offers lightning-fast delivery to Instabox cabinets, the same day as you ordered the items - if you order before 12.30. After 12.30 it will be delivered the next day. From when you order from us, until when they have picked up the package, you get the exact delivery time for your chosen cabinet, so you know exactly when you can pick up your package. Your nearest Instabox cabinet will be in a place with long opening hours and a convenient location - so you avoid queues and detours.
Instabox is automatically available when ordering if you live within the coverage area. If you have any questions, you can find more information about Instabox here , you can also see all the cabinets that are available right now .

Can I have samples?×

In the online store , you will find both samples and travel sizes of most products (only Flawless Foundation on makeup) . A great way to test our products before you buy full size .

Do you have any outlets?×

We sell via the online store and TaxFree. We are located at Kolbotn outside Oslo, and you are most welcome to visit us. Just make an appointment with us by email or phone first so you know we are there .

Return of goods×

We have 14 days open purchase. Items cannot be returned. The packaging must be unopened and the product unused . We can not accept products that have been tried due to hygienic reasons.   Send it back to us together with order number and name, so we can easily find it back to you.

Pack away in the mail?×

Norway Post has a system that scans the packages when sending. That it is listed as handed out on the tracking does not mean that it is always so. If it does not fit in the mailbox, it should be placed at your local post office. Then it can take a couple of extra days before you are notified. Feel free to bring a package number and check there. If the package has not appeared after a week, contact us and we will help further. 

Do you have free shipping?×

We have free shipping on all orders over NOK 2,000, otherwise the standard shipping is NOK 49, - and then you can have it delivered to your door or to your mailbox. To the post office it costs NOK 79, - If you are a VIP customer with us, you always get free shipping regardless of the size of the order.

How long before I receive the goods?×

We send directly to the mailbox, and it usually takes 2-3 days before you receive the package depending on where you live. Eastern Norway is faster than Northern Norway. Should it take longer, take a trip to your local post office, then it will probably be there. Norway Post usually spends a couple of days sending you a new collection message. If it is not there, contact us . 

How fast do you ship my order?×

We always try to send out consecutively and store packages lasting from early morning until 14.30 hrs. The mail will be picked up from us at 12 and 14.30. The packages that leave at 12 will be with you even earlier than those that leave at 14.30, as they will be forwarded the same day. We are working hard to get as much out as possible on the same day.

When is their office hours?×

We have phone time from at 09-15 on weekdays and our  number is 09 234. If we do not answer the phone, we are probably in another call, so feel free to call us again. Otherwise you can send us an email to . There we respond quickly! 

The ingredients we use×

Mineral oils compared to vegetable oils×

While vegetable oils come from the plant kingdom, mineral oils ( petrolatum ) are produced industrially from rock oil. Mineral oils contain no nutrients and are not absorbed by the skin, unlike the vegetable oils. The mineral oils settle as a film on the skin and are used primarily to protect the skin from moisture loss, especially on a skin with a damaged barrier function, such as a skin with eczema. Mineral oil is a cheap ingredient that rarely creates allergic ailments and with properties that make it serve as a base in creams and ointments, but without the nourishing properties that vegetable oils can provide. Vaseline is a good example of pure mineral oil. It is also used a lot in baby oils, as these oils should not penetrate a child's perfect e skin.  We only have one product with high quality mineral oil and that is in our 3 Step Home Facial. It helps to seal in moisture and protect the skin after the acid peel. Otherwise we only use vegetable oils.

Hyaluronic acid×

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is an ingredient that is found naturally in the body, and which has a great moisture-binding ability. Despite the name, hyaluronic acid is not an acid, but a type of sugar called glycosaminoglucan . In the body, HA binds water and forms a gel-like substance. Among other things, this substance acts as a lubricant and as a shock-absorbing filler material between the elastic fibers in the skin, collagen and elastin, and in joints, lungs and muscles. 50% of the body's total amount of hyaluronic acid is found in the skin, primarily in the subcutaneous tissue, the deepest layer. HA has the task of maintaining the moisture balance in the skin. A good moisture balance maintains the skin's functions, and makes it possible to maintain a full and healthy skin. Lack of HA means, among other things, that the skin loses elasticity, that wrinkles become clearer and that the skin becomes drier. Hyaluronic acid in the skin is a sensitive molecule that is rapidly broken down by free radicals, UV light and oxidizing ingredients. This is why sun-damaged skin often becomes flabby and wrinkled. Hyaluronic acid is expensive to manufacture and is therefore an expensive ingredient. Thanks to its unique ability to bind moisture, it can be added in low doses in skin creams to increase the skin's moisture-retaining and moisture-binding properties. A concentration of 1% can bind 99% water. As hyaluronic acid has a natural origin, the ingredient often appears in organic products. It is a very mild substance that does not cause allergic reactions. Hyaluronic acid comes in several forms and the most common type is a long and large moisture-binding molecular form, which is too large to penetrate the skin barrier. When added to a cream, it therefore lies on the skin surface where it forms a film. This moisture film is important to protect and to moisturize the skin surface. Large-molecular hyaluronic acid is a good ingredient in lip products to keep the lips full and protected. Sensitive and dehydrated skin needs large-molecular hyal u ronsyre to retain moisture in the skin and to repair a damaged skin. Simply explained, the main task of large-molecular hyaluronic acid is to strengthen the barrier and to moisten the surface (but not clog it again), while small-molecular hyaluronic acid pulls down in the depth between the skin cells and moisturizes and fills, which gives a plumping effect. The molecular form found in a skin care product depends on the effect of the product and the type of skin it is suitable for. We use several variants and sizes in our products, all to get the right effect in a given product. Our products with Hyaluronic Acid: 24K Gold Serum Glacier Skin Lock TLC Moisturizer SPF30 Pepetide P en Aqua Radiance Mask Dermalift Serum

Vitamin A / Retinol×

Vitamin A, or so-called retinoids , have been used to treat sun-damaged skin, acne and wrinkles for more than 20 years. We do not produce vitamin A ourselves, so we depend on getting it through diet and supplements. The body is built so that the skin is the last organ that receives vitamin A, so to think that you get enough through the diet alone makes you miss the many benefits the skin can get from vitamin A. Retinol is a very effective ingredient in skin care products, as the molecules are extremely small. This allows the ingredient to penetrate the outer layer of the skin, called the epidermis , and now the middle layer of the skin, called the dermis . The epidermis consists mostly of dead skin cells, while the dermis consists of living cells. By reaching these cells, retinol can create better and clearer results than the ingredients that only work on the skin surface. It is a so-called cell-communicating ingredient, which means that it can connect to an aging skin cell and make it behave like a healthy, skin cell again. The disadvantage is that you can experience " downtime " on the skin, ie it becomes sore, dry, dandruff, etc. so it should be used with caution. In our latest supplement 5.0 Age Saver Serum, something completely new is used, namely natural retinol! It is extracted from plants and is much less aggressive to the skin, but with the same effect! This means that more people can use this, get the same effects but avoid downtime and soreness. It can even be used during the day and by those with sensitive skin!
  • Reduces and regulates the skin's sebum production, which makes the skin less shiny.  
  • Reduces bacterial production in the skin and is therefore an effective treatment for acne .
  • Reduces pigmentation, caused by sun damage, by increasing cell renewal  
Our products with Vitamin A Rich Truffle Cream Dermalift Eye Cream Age Saver Serum  

Generally about antioxidants×

Vitamins and many plant extracts act as antioxidants and trap free radicals that would otherwise break down the skin and cause damage and aging. Antioxidants have an anti- aging effect, activate cell renewal and counteract premature aging of the skin. Our body constantly produces free radicals, but the amount we have in the skin increases sharply when the skin is exposed to things such as sunlight, stress and pollution. Increased activity of free radicals in the skin affects both collagen and elastin and leads to faster skin aging. We are concerned with using well-documented antioxidants and having enough of them to have an effect. You can compare free radicals with an angry child who goes and destroys everything he comes across. Antioxidants are the calm adult who takes the child in and calms him down with a good hug. Then there will be harmony again! 


Peptides are short chains of amino acids that can be small enough to penetrate the skin layers and give signals to the skin cells and affect them. The active substance can inhibit the development of wrinkles by counteracting so-called glycation . Glycation is a spontaneous reaction between sugar molecules and proteins (collagen and elastin) in the skin. This will result in cross-linking of collagen, which in turn can lead to wrinkles. When you say that you "eat wrinkles" by eating sugar, then this process is what you refer to. Among other things, the peptides counteract this reaction. Since peptides are just a collective name for a large group of ingredients, it is not always easy to identify them in products. Look in the ingredient list for names like Palmitoyl Oligopeptide (also known as Matrixyl , a neuropeptide that reduces fine lines), Acetyl Hexapeptide ( Argireline , a muscle relaxing peptide), Palmitoyl Tripeptide (a peptide that increases skin firmness), Myristoyl Pentapeptide (a peptide that increases skin moisture level) or Hexanoyl Dipeptide (a cell-renewing peptide). We only use documented peptides and often have several variants of peptides in the same product, which work well together. Products with Peptides: Peptide Pen No 1 Day Cream SPF 30 No 1 Night Cream 

BHA acids, or Beta Hydroxy Acids×

E n group acids which include S alisylsyre, which is the variant we use the most. The acid is anti -i nflam m atorisk and fat soluble, which makes it excellent for an oily skin with clogged pores or inflamed acne. The salicylic acid can penetrate into the pores and dissolve sebum, and both cleanses and soothes the skin. Even a mature skin with lines, wrinkles and sun damage can get nice results with BHA . 
  • Exfoliates the skin and increases cell renewal  
  • Dissolves sebum in the pores ("washes" the pores on the inside)  
  • Effective treatment of acne and blackheads  
  • Anti-inflammatory properties and red antipyretic  
Products with BHA acids: Salicylic Face Wash Salicylic Tonic Salicylic Serum Spot Killer Double Peel 

AHA acids, or Alpha Hydroxy Acids×

E n group acids that we find naturally including fruits, milk, and sugar cane. AHA acids have different strengths on exfoliation, with Glycolic acid being the most powerful. Another AHA acid is Almond Acid, which is optimal for sensitive or acne-prone skin, as it has anti-inflammatory effect (prevents inflammation in the skin) These acids increase the skin's cell renewal, which is good for a mature skin, where cell renewal goes slower than in a young skin. The exfoliating effect also helps to smooth out lines and wrinkles, and treats pigmentations deep down in the skin. If you have a drier skin type, you should choose lactic acid, which binds moisture down into the skin. Our products with AHA acids: Dermaglow AHA Peel Dermalift Serum No 1 Day Cream SPF 30 No 1 Night Cream 24K Gold Serum (Lactic Acid) Double Peel Spot Killer Salicylic Tonic Salicylic Wash

In general about the use of acids in skin care×

Common to all acids is that they have an exfoliating effect, ie that they dissolve in the top layer of old skin cells on the skin. These are cells that are ready to fall off, but that only need a little push , so that there is room for new, young cells. The size of some of the acids also allows them to pull deep into the skin, strengthen the connective tissue and increase the production of hyaluronic acid. The skin layer with living cells becomes thicker while the skin layer with dead cells becomes thinner. 
The result is a smoother skin surface, with a healthier appearance - what we call glow.

Linda Home - scented candles×

What are the scented candles made of?×

Our scented candles are 100% vegan, 100% natural and they are sustainable. Rapeseed oil, Coconut oil, Sorbitan Tristearate (2-4%, RSPO Identity Preserved (IP) certified / sustainable) - Fragrance ingredients: Benzyl salicylate, linalool, lilial, cyclamen aldehyde, citronellol. The scented candle contains a few% traceable sustainable palm oil with the highest environmental certification RSPO Identity Preserved (IP). Having this certification ensures the planting of new trees, and a contribution is made to the Rainforest Fund. The Rainforest Fund recommends only buying products that hold this type of certification. (The oil affects how the candle burns and its spread of scent.) We use cotton wicks and wax that do not soot, and the boxes for the candle are produced in Norway with paper made from Nordic timber.

Do these lights pollute the indoor environment?×

Every time you blow out a candle, soot particles are released - and it affects the indoor environment. Excessive use of candles can cause bad indoor air, warns the National Institute of Public Health . For environmental reasons, you should therefore choose the candles that do not contain paraffin. Choosing a candle made of 100% stearin is better, but choosing a candle from 100% vegetable oils is the very best. These are renewable raw materials that make a positive contribution to the environment. A lot of wax comes from endangered palm oil, something we all want to avoid using. Right?

How much fragrance is there in the candles?×

The candle is made with world-class Premium fragrance oil, and with a 5% fragrance amount. Linda herself has been involved in the decision on how strong each component in the fragrance should be. In cheaper candles, the fragrance level is kept down due to cost, normally there is a maximum of 2% fragrance oil in paraffin-based candles.

What is the difference between "ordinary" candles and these candles?×

Worldwide, 95% of all scented candles are made with paraffin. Paraffin is extracted from crude oil, it is associated with poor indoor climate. Paraffin candles emit more soot particles, are less environmentally friendly and more flammable. Based on estimated consumption figures and carbon dioxide emissions, it has been calculated that if we had not used kerosene lights, we would have reduced greenhouse gas emissions as much as by removing 21,000 cars from the roads. This is what the environmental chemist in the Nordic Ecolabel, Kristian Kruse, says. Another common oil product in scented candles is soy. Soy is used in food production for both animals and humans in large parts of the world. It is therefore desired that the use of this be limited. Stearin is common and stearin is usually made from palm oil. As we know, this oil from the trees in the rainforest is highly endangered, so it is very important to make sure that the oil used is sustainable (RSPO certified). About 19 percent of the palm oil produced for the world market is RSPO-certified (source: Rainforest Fund) Our candles are 100% free of paraffin and soy. They are made from Swedish rapeseed oil and coconut oil. We use a few percent (less than 5%) of palm oil, which is RSPO certified with the highest level: RSPO Identity Preserved (IP)

How long does the candle have to burn?×

Our candles have a burning time of over 50 hours. This is considered extremely long, as it can normally be expected up to 35 hours. The reason is the choice of wax mixture, wick and fragrance.

What is the lid used for?×

Feel free to use the lid as a "foot" for the light when you burn, and as a light extinguisher when you go out. We advise wearing it when the light is not used to prevent dust from settling on the light.

How to get the light preserved nicely throughout the burn?×

Before you burn the candle every time, you should cut the wick to about 1 cm. Then the flame comes close to the oil and it will burn more evenly. Do not switch off the light until the entire surface has melted, as this will prevent it from forming a "crater" and the light will burn down evenly. It takes about 30-40 minutes. If the smell is too intense for you, then burn it until the surface has melted, turn it off and enjoy the smell of the light until the oil has hardened again. Use the lid to turn off the light so you do not blow on it.

Are the candles vegan?×

The candle is 100% vegetable and vegan, but not certified. The reason for this is that it is an expensive process, but within a year all the lights of our supplier are certified as vegan.

Linda Home - silk×

Is silk allergy friendly?×

Silk does not attract dust, mites or other allergens in the same way as other textiles can. Its natural fibers and proteins have a repellent effect on them, and in addition, mold and other microbes will not be absorbed and thrive in the delicate silk threads. This is because the silk cocoons are designed to protect the weaving silkworms from precisely these external enemies. For those who struggle with eczema, asthma or allergies, therefore, silk should be a natural choice. Since the silk threads are designed to counteract mold and microbes from nature, you can be sure that these will not pull into your bedding.

What is mom?×

Momme (abbreviated etc.) is the unit of measurement used when talking about the silk's own weight. This is a very specific unit of measurement, and 1 momme corresponds to 4.3056 grams per square meter. This means that the higher the size of the silk, the higher the weight per square meter. Silk with 22 momme will then weigh approx. 94.7 grams per square meter. The rule is that the higher the VAT, the more silk has been used in production. Momme and durability / use: - 16-19 is often used in thin blouses (hand wash only) - 19 is typical for night dresses and pajamas (hand wash only) - 22-25 is durable for bedding (machine washable) - 25-30 is very heavy and and very expensive (washable)

Why is expensive silk better?×

Momme is the unit of measurement used when talking about the silk's own weight. This is a very specific unit of measurement, and the higher the momme silk has, the higher its weight per square meter. It is said that silk is heavy or light. The rule is that higher VAT means that more silk has been used in production, and this in turn gives a higher price. It also means that the durability of the silk is better. There are many silk pillowcases on the market at a lower price. If you check the quality you see they have a momme of 16-19. This weight is not very resistant and will have a short shelf life before the silk is "worn out". Lower VAT weight is suitable for blouses, underwear and night dresses. Here, a taller mom will feel heavy on the body. If the price of a silk product is low, it is often cheap imitations (polyester = "cheat silk") or typically low momme (weight) that do not provide the same benefits or durability.

Is silk sustainable / environmentally friendly?×

Sustainable materials All textile materials affect the environment, but some materials are better from a sustainability perspective. These are materials that are kinder to people and the environment, and that last longer. Silk is an environmentally sustainable and degradable material. It is also not treated with strong chemicals, as this will destroy the natural properties and qualities of silk. All our silk products have been tested and approved in accordance with the quality standard Oeko-Tex 100. Oeko-Tex sets requirements for chemical content in finished textile products. Products tested according to Oeko-Tex must not contain allergenic dyes, chlorinated phenols, phthalates, organotin compounds and other substances that are harmful to health. The products must be tested for content of various chemicals and dyes, which must not exceed the maximum values specified in Oeko-Tex Standard 100. The requirements are developed on the basis of scientific basis and legislation in the countries where the Oeko-Tex institutes are represented Oeko-Tex Standard 100 requires the manufacturer to carry out laboratory testing of the products to ensure that the set limit values are complied with. Read more at:

"While we wear plastic from head to toe, we sprinkle microplastics all over the world. The list of oil-based textiles that end up in our dorm rabbits and that pollute the oceans is long. Among them are polyester (cheat silk), acrylic, elastane and nylon. . " -Ingun Grimstad Klepp, at the Consumer Research Institute SIFO.

Can I wash silk?×

Yes you can, in the machine or by hand. In a machine at 30 degrees and preferably with eg Milo. Hang up after washing, do not tumble dry. Can be ironed with mild heat.

Is silk vegan?×

No, silk is a by-product from silkworms such as honey / beeswax is from bees or wool from sheep. Silk has been used in China for 5,000 years and originally only the Emperor and other high-ranking officials could adorn themselves with the exclusive item. Mulberry silk is known as the queen of textiles. With its delicate threads spun by silkworms, it will have a positive effect on skin, hair and sleep patterns.

What is Beauty Silk Made of?×

Linda's Beauty Silk products are approved according to the quality standard Oeko-Tex 100. Silk pillow covers are made of 100% Charmeuse Mulberry silk (22 momme) of the highest quality that lasts for many years. The pillow cover comes in 50cm x 70 cm and can be machine washed with a silk / wool program at 30 degrees.

What is the optimal mum on bedding?×

The most common weight of Mulberry silk used in bedding is 19 momme since this is somewhat cheaper, but still provides reasonably good quality. If you go up to 22 moms, you will get a noticeably better product. It will feel more comfortable against the skin, look more luxurious and it will last longer as thicker silk wears more slowly. Good silk is an investment you must take care of, so be careful to take care of the product, follow the washing instructions carefully, and use a gentle detergent such as Milo.

Linda's customer club×

Tell a friend!×

You can give a discount to your friends via your profile in the online store. If your friends shop, you will be rewarded with beauty points from us. You use these points as a discount on your next purchase. This is how it works:

Your membership status is decisive for how high a discount you can give, how many points you get yourself and how many invitations you can send out. You will see this on your page when you log in. An invitation is valid for 7 days. If the recipient does not click on the link in the e-mail and registers within 7 days, the discount will be reset and you will receive the invitation back. Recipient MUST follow the link in the email and register via it. Then the discount attaches itself to the person's customer number. and is automatically deducted from the shopping cart when she trades. No discount CODE is given manually or via e-mail, everything is done automatically via e-mail link. You get your beauty points when your friend has completed a purchase and her order has been sent out / paid. We do not give points for invitations that do not reflect a purchase in the store. You can only invite new customers to the store. You can only send out the number of invitations specified on the account page. If all the invitations are "used up", you must wait until the recipients have made a purchase, or it expires on a date, before you get access to more invitations.

What is Linda Beauty Club?×

Lindas Beauty Club is a loyalty program where you collect beauty points that you can use as payment in the online store. In addition, you get discounts and other benefits, as well as general and specially adapted offers based on your preferences. 

Can we share a membership?×

The membership is personal and can not be transferred to others, and membership only applies to private individuals who have reached the age of 16. The same person can only have one membership in Linda's Beauty Club, and the membership benefits only apply to purchases for your own household. 

How do I get beauty points?×

As a member, you get beauty points when you shop at (1 beauty point = NOK 1). Gift certificates and purchases paid for with beauty points do not give beauty points. The beauty points accumulate on your account page, where you can stay up to date on your earned points. Remember that they last for 1 year from the time you get the point.

What is the difference between "Member" and "VIP member"?×

 Member: By having a registered customer account and being subscribed to our newsletter, you are automatically a member, with the benefits it provides. VIP member: By having a VIP package at a fixed discount, you automatically have VIP status as long as the regular delivery runs.

How do you go from "Member" to "Premium"?×

Once you have achieved what is required for the Premium membership level, you will be upgraded, and a new membership level will be maintained as long as your customer relationship is maintained in relation to the Premium status level. Upgrading and downgrading takes place continuously throughout the year. There are no purchase requirements to be a customer / member of our online store. Premium status is automatically given as extra good to loyal customers and will in no way charge or demand anything from the customer. 

Can you change the membership terms?×

Linda JC AS reserves the right to change the terms of Linda's Beauty Club. Changes to membership terms will be notified on one month before the change in terms takes effect. The terms and conditions in force at any time will be available on this page. If you have questions about your customer relationship, please contact us via 

How do I get a gift in each package?×

You always get a great gift in your package when you subscribe to one of our exclusive VIP packages. We want to pamper you as a thank you for your loyalty. The gifts are picked out by Linda personally, and there is always something she wants to use. 

Can I buy the gift separately?×

Some gifts are products from the online store and you can buy them at regular price. While some are specially selected by Linda and are not for sale. But there are always great gifts no matter what.

How do I become a VIP member?×

By having a VIP package at a fixed discount, you are automatically upgraded to VIP membership level. Then you always get free shipping on your orders and you get extra b eautyp oeng on all your purchases.

About skin care / product selection×

How do I know which package to choose?×

You will find comprehensive information about all products on our website, but if you want guidance, we are happy to help you. Our skin care therapist Monica or May Britt, will help you to put together the perfect products for your needs, please contact by phone or by mail: +47 09234 / 

I have bags under the islands, what can remove these?×

It all depends on what these bags come from. Is it water or grease? Is it genetic or lifestyle? Whether it is water or grease, you can see if the bags change during the day. If they are large in the morning, but become smaller during the day, then there is water. Then you can have eye cream with ingredients that drain fluid and it will help . If they are constantly in fairly equal size , then it is fat. The only way to get rid of them is to operate . There is no cream that can remove fat bags, it is not anatomically possible. If it is genetic, then you can take a look at your parents. You often inherit the skin genes of your parents and have those bags - then you know what is in your genes. Strange, but true. Is it a lifestyle, eg that you sleep little or eat a lot of salt, it is "easier" to do something with 😉 I explain this so that you have realistic expectations of what to expect from a cream. Otherwise, there will be many boom purchases (as there may have already been?) We have Peptide Eye Pen , a serum that builds up the skin around the eyes and makes it stronger. A stronger skin gets less wrinkles and stronger skin . This can be used alone or with cream over (all 40+ years should have cream over) Our Dermalift Eye Cream which also helps against bags and blue rings.

What is serum and how to use it?×

One can divide skin care into two categories; gunpowder and love. Gunpowder is a product that contains a lot of active ingredients that can correct your skin. Love are products that nourish, moisturize and give the skin a glow. The skin needs both. 
Serum is powder, and contains up to 70% more active ingredient compared to a cream. Gunpowder does not provide direct care to the skin and therefore a little love is needed in the form of a good face cream over. Serum is often thinner than cream. The reason for this is that a serum has a smaller molecular size than a cream, and this allows the serum to penetrate deeper into the skin. In this way, the serum can affect the skin cells where they are created and this will give visible results on the surface.

You have two night creams, how do I know which one is right for me?×

If you are under 35 and experience that your skin is normal to oily, Rich Truffle Cream will be the perfect choice! This night cream contains vitamin A ( retinol ) which has been documented to fight lines and wrinkles. White truffles also have a soothing effect on the skin. This is a great night cream to start with and the price is great! No 1 Night Crea m is a rich and concentrated night cream that is made for adult skin, especially for you over 40 who need more of everything! The ingredients in the night cream are specially formulated to build up the basal layer in the skin, which makes the skin "plump" and supple. The cream contains a number of rejuvenating ingredients such as 3 types of peptides, plant-based growth factor, Omega 3 and 6 and vitamin E. The cream gives lots of nourishment to dry skin and you will see a difference in your skin after a period of regular use. 

Do you need your own night cream?×

Regardless of skin type, your night cream should be a little richer (fatter) than the day cream. If you only use day cream , you are missing out on many important active ingredients that rejuvenate your skin. The reason for this is that a day cream may not contain the same number of effective ingredients, partly because strong anti-aging ingredients are often shady. In addition, you should use sunscreen during the day, but at night this can clog pores and create skin irritations. A night cream has properties that help to repair damage from, among other things, the sun and other pollution we are exposed to daily. For those who sometimes do not get enough sleep, a good night cream can help the skin still get enough repair. 

I have got pigment spots, do you have anything that can remove these?×

Pigment spots are terribly irritating, and are usually sun damage from a lot of sunbathing earlier in life. It is the pigment cells deep in the skin that are damaged, producing too much pigment. One must be prepared for the fact that it takes a long time to get rid of pigment spots, both because it has taken a long time for them to form, and because the damage is far down in the skin. The sun triggers them, but also hormones trigger them (birth control pills, pregnancy) Here you can read more about pigment spots and which procedure we recommend: Here you can see a video with Linda where she explains more about pigment spots: It is unfortunately also the case that once you have started to get pigment spots, new ones constantly appear, plus that the old become more prominent. Our goal is not to bleach pigment spots. Then you have to use very strong agents, and risk damaging the skin even more. We focus on raising the cells and repairing the damage, so that the skin becomes smoother in both structure and skin tone. In addition, you MUST use sun factor every day, all year round.

I have a daughter with acne, do you have any good tips in addition to products?×

The most important thing for your daughter is that she is true to the skincare routine, because there are no changes overnight. If she uses a lot of make-up, she should clean her skin twice in the evening to make sure that the skin is clean, otherwise it lasts immediately. She must not squeeze the pimples unless they are completely yellow, and then she MUST wash her fingers well or squeeze with a cotton pad due to bacteria. If she eats a lot of dairy products, many people have a good improvement from cutting this down / out (without it being scientifically proven). Supplements of Zinc can also do good, as well as taking either cod liver oil or omega 3 every day (reduces inflammation) 

I have sensitive skin, can I use scrub then?×

If you have sensitive skin, we recommend that you use our Double Peel . It has enzymes and jojoba pearls that do not irritate or are too powerful for the skin. We recommend that you do it mildly and often, rather than doing it infrequently and vigorously.  

Why should one scrub the skin, and how often?×

You should scrub or use an acid peel at least once a week. Then you get rid of dead skin cells, get the glow in the skin and the products you use afterwards pull down into the skin instead of laying on top of a layer of dead skin and old oil (the skin produces a lot of oil / sebum daily). The skin's natural "moisturizer" consists of fatty sebum that turns into oil on the skin (hence you become shiny during the day, or when you wake up on the mother gene ) D it is good, but too much of it makes it settle as a membrane on the skin that prevents products from passing by. So by scrubbing the skin regularly, you ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your products in addition to a smoother, tighter and clearer skin.  You should also use serum, cream and eye cream every day. Serum works effectively deep down in the skin while the cream protects and makes the skin soft and supple. Eye cream tends to the delicate eye area, where age unfortunately appears fastest.  The one who had invented a product that had done all this had been a millionaire.   

What does it mean to double cleanse the skin?×

When you double cleanse the skin, it means that you first cleanse with an oil-based cleanser and also a water-based cleanser (foams it, then it is water-based). The point is that with oil, makeup, SPF, sebum and oils are removed from the skin. Did you know that you actually need an oil-based cleanser to remove the remnants of SPF in your sunscreen? After washing off the oil cleanser, clean off any remnants of the oil, makeup, sweat, contaminants and other dirt from the skin with the water-based one. The skin is completely clean and you will get the maximum back from the serum and cream you use afterwards!  

Do you have to clean your skin every day?×

One of the most important things you do is to cleanse your skin to get rid of makeup, pollution, dirt and oil daily. Even if you do not use make-up, this is important and you can compare it to washing your hands. Even if you are not visibly dirty on your hands, they must be washed during the day.  

Do you have to use a lot of products or keep it with a cleanser and a cream?×

If you do not want to improve something in your skin, then yes. But if you want to improve it or maintain the skin you have today, then no. Because, when you get a little older, it is not enough with just one cream if you want the skin to look optimal . I need a little more gunpowder. By following a good skin care program, you will get both active ingredients, good care and lots of moisture for your skin.

Aqua (water) is high on the ingredient list of some products, then there must be a lot of water in it? Why?×

In all products that are not thick and very rich, water is often the first ingredient. This is because you make a cream / serum base that consists of water, vegetable oils and various ingredients that will keep the formula intact and stabilize it. Active ingredients and extracts are added to this base. Without a base, there is nothing to fill in the jar, and if you do not use water, you must use oil. Then the cream becomes oily. A cream completely without water = Vaseline. 

I have been using the antiage products for 2 months but see no difference?×

The result of the choices made is not really visible until a long time has passed. This is actually best seen in the fact that the skin has slowly improved, but most of all that it has not become "worse". You see, the right active ingredients will make changes in the skin over time, but you really have to stop looking for them. They come slowly, and since you see yourself in the mirror every day, you do not see if things really improve, or do NOT get worse. The skin's aging clock ticks every day and gradually the skin ages. By using "nothing" the skin has no tools in slowing down this process. By using documented ingredients, you help the skin. Have realistic expectations and buy products that you know have ingredients that are documented. Our anti-aging ingredients are documented. 

The products×

How do I know which package to choose?×

You will find comprehensive information about all products on our website, but if you want guidance, we are happy to help you. Our skin care therapist Monica or May Britt, will help you to put together the perfect products for your needs, please contact by phone or by mail: +47 09234 / 

Do you have retailers that sell your products?×

No, we only have our own online store. The reason we do not have dealers is that we want close contact with the customer and full control of the customer experience for our gold; our customers. 

Is Linda a skin care professional?×

No, she is not a trained dermatologist. Her interest and expertise comes from she herself had a lot of challenges with her skin and went in depth to find a solution. In that process, she opened her own skin care salons and started the process of creating her own skin care series. As she describes herself; «I am a picky customer with a lot of knowledge, bad skin and bad time. I make products I want to use on my skin, and my name on the jar is the guarantee I give. I would never "put" my name on something I have not made - or want to use myself » 

Where are the products made?×

Most of the skin care products are made in France, Spain and Germany, and a few in Asia (not China). All makeup is made in the USA. We work closely with all laboratories and factories and Linda is involved in the entire process on each product. From the time she gets an idea, until the first samples are made - until the finished product is completed. Our forms are our own and adapted the way Linda wants them. She is uncompromising on what should be in the jar, so that you as a consumer are always safe. Nothing reaches customers until Linda is 100% satisfied.

Why do you change products at times?×

We are a small company that works closely with our customers, and we see all the feedback we receive as valuable gold. Sometimes a product is improved based on customers' experiences and desires, and sometimes it is improved because new ingredients come on the scene that are even better than the ones we have used before. We turn quickly and have our eyes out into the world to see everything that happens. We are at trade fairs several times a year and are committed to being in development - to give our customers the best at all times! 

What products do you have?×

We have the following products:
  • Skin care products
  • Makeup
  • Silk pillow cover
  • Scented candles
  • Solar products
  • Body products

How long is the shelf life of the products?×

All products are marked with the date on the product itself and on the box. In addition, you will find a symbol that shows an opened jar on the product that says how long the product is durable after opening (usually 6 months , 12 months , 18 months, etc. ) Often products with a lot of oils have a slightly shorter shelf life. But we say like the food industry: "Best before, but usually not bad after". 

Can you mix your products with other products?×

As long as there are no ingredients that crash with each other - so yes. Moisture products are not a problem to mix, but products that contain, for example , AHA acids, BHA acids or Vitamin A, one should be careful not to mix with other products that are also strong. Feel free to contact us and our dermatologists will help you if you are unsure. 

Are the products natural / organic?×

Most of our ingredients are natural, and we are working to get everyone there as far as possible. Not all ingredients in a formula are best suited in natural form, because some stabilizers and transport systems will be better when synthetic in the future. Many do not know, but naturally = more unstable. Our acne series Skin Detox is 100% organic!  

Are their products vegan?×

Our policy is to be animal friendly and we NEVER test on animals. We only use synthetic, natural and vegan ingredients as far as possible without compromising the desired effect / quality of the product. That is, in 99.5% of our products. There are some products that do not fall under the category of "vegan" because they contain one of the following ingredients: Beeswax (makeup), Carmine (red dye in makeup) and growth factor FGF (Peptides grown in a bacterial flora in a laboratory. No animals involved !) You will find a complete list of ingredients on all products, and all vegan products are marked "vegan" at the top of the product page.

Why have you closed packaging on all products?×

What degrades a product is air and often light. For the products that have shady ingredients, we therefore also have light-tight jars. Everything for the product to stay just as good from start to finish. 

Why do you use a closed jar for the creams?×

We are concerned that the last remnant of the cream should be as fresh as the first, which is why we have a so-called " airless system" on most of our creams. This means that there is a pump at the bottom of the jar that pushes the cream up, and you do not have to use your fingers to take out the cream. Because the pump is pushed up, you are also absolutely sure that you have got everything out when the jar is empty. Should the pump stop working or you are unsure if it is empty, you can easily turn it up and use it from there.

Have the products been tested on animals?×

Never. Ever. Does not come up. We love animals and are concerned that even the smallest ingredient has not been tested on any animals. We follow the ingredients of all our products down to the smallest detail, both in skin care and makeup. We are simply shocked when we see so much makeup that is still being tested on animals. 

Do the products contain perfume?×

No, we do not have synthetic fragrances / perfumes in our products. We think that perfume should be sprayed on, not smeared. We have some fragrances that are marked as " aroma " but these are natural and / or organic and not as perfume (for example the scent of lemon)   

Can I have samples?×

In the online store , you will find both samples and travel sizes of most products (only Flawless Foundation on makeup) . A great way to test our products before you buy full size .