Welcome to the 6 Week Makeup Challenge!

It will be 6 weeks with full focus on makeup for adult skin. Everything from techniques, tips, product info, color choices and great deals. Simply a "makeup school for us adults"! For those of you who finally want to learn how to put on make-up, for those of you who want to change the way you put on make-up or for those of you who just want a little new inspiration. Our makeup artist Corinne has made films with 6 themes, and a new film comes out every Wednesday from now on.
We look forward to seeing what you do:
It's your time to shine!


Then we are in our last week of our 6 Week Makeup Challenge, and this week's theme is PARTY MAKEUP . It is not only the outfit and hair that must be prepared for the party, the make-up must also be in place. We teach you the tricks behind a successful party makeup for us adult women! In this week's film , my makeup artist Corinne will teach you techniques to get the perfect party look. She shows you how to change from day make-up to evening make-up with a few simple steps.


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    week 5- LIPS

    Then we are in week 5 of our 6 Week Makeup Challenge, and this week's theme is LEPPER . Giving color to the lips can change an entire expression. You can have the same make-up, the same hair, but get a completely different look with different color on the lips. All my lipsticks are translucent, because I think adult lips dress better. There are no strong colors, and your lip color shines through so you only get "the little extra".

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      week 4- BLUSH & brownzer

      Then we are in week 4 of our 6 Week Skin Challenge , and this week's theme is face colors! In this week's film, Corinne will teach you about blush, bronzer and highlighter. Where do you put the different ones, should you use them all and what is the difference between them? Can you use highlighter if you have wrinkles? What is the difference between dry and wet blush?

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        week 3- EYE MAKEUP

        Then we are in week 3 of our 6 Week Makeup Challenge! Eye makeup can give your eyes immediate intensity, and enhances your look for both everyday and party. If you thought it was fun to put on make-up when you were young, there is no reason to stop, even though your eyelids may have become a little heavier.

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          week 2- BRYN

          This week's theme is BRYN! This is something many of us struggle with. Are you also one of those people who crossed her brows when she was young? Or who have crooked eyebrows, lack any hair or color on them? Bryn comes in so many shapes and colors, so in this week's film we have considered many different models that Corinne shows techniques on. I hope you find someone who has similar your own, and get some great tips. Remember; daily cleansing and weekly scrubbing are important to get good growth conditions for the hairs on the brow!

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            week 1- base

            This week's theme is BASE! That is, the first thing you start with, everything from primers, foundations and concealers. Corinne shows techniques on our two beautiful ladies Hege at 45 and Hege at 62. Along the way, I also come with my personal tips, so I hope this will be a good help to you who have either not used foundation before or got it completely.

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              PRACTICAL INFO
              If you are missing some products, we give 20% on the week's focus products. These change every Wednesday. Will also suggest that if you lack brushes, we have a full brush set with a 30% discount.
              Remember - good tools make up over half the job!

              Join our closed Facebook group: "Beauty talk with Linda"
              Everything will take place there, so submit questions, submit photos and share tips and advice with others in the group.

              We want to see you! Every week, we draw a winner from those who share their photo, who wins a gift card of NOK 500. We want an unmade-up picture and a make-up. Regardless of the result, the pictures are welcome, so you do not have to think about whether it is nice enough or not. Post a picture because you have tried something new and are satisfied, or because you want tips and advice.

              After the 6 weeks are over, we also draw a lucky winner who gets a BECOME A NEW DAY with us! You can participate by either posting a picture in the group, or sending an email to maybritt@lindajc.com . By submitting photos, you automatically participate in both competitions. Remember; it is a closed group - so what happens in the group, it stays in the group. Good luck!