Do you really need to use tonic?


The answer is YES! A tonic does much more than remove remnants of cleansing and dirt on the skin. A good tonic is also a treating product. It stays on the skin, is not washed away with water such as the cleanser, which means that it does a job for several hours after it is applied. If there is one product that, among other things, prevents large pores, it is tonic!

Before, tonic was part of the cleanser, and you "had to" have both cleansing milk and "toner" in order to get the skin cleansed properly. Today it is different. Most good cleansing products cleanse the skin well, and do not disturb the skin's pH balance such as "old-fashioned" cleansing products.

Find a tonic that suits you

It is important to choose a tonic that suits your particular skin. We have two different tonics in our series, so that more people will find one that suits them and their skin.

Balancing tonic

I made this tonic because I wanted a product that could suit everyone, especially those of you who are sensitive. Balancing Tonic is made especially for those who struggle with dry and sensitive skin, but it is also perfect for example after treating the skin with acids to soothe. It helps the skin protect itself against free radicals and other external factors, while helping to retain moisture and nutrients from other products you apply.

SaliCylic Tonic

This has been a bestseller for several years, and is great for both young and older skin. Either you are struggling with impurities in the form of pimples and severe acne, or you just have a little oily skin and blackheads in the T-zone.

The salicylic acid here comes from willow bark, and is a BHA acid. It has an antibacterial effect, cleanses the pores upside down and ensures that there is no accumulation of dead skin cells. And especially; it is not drying.

“If I use both? Yes! Salicylic Tonic deep cleanses the pores and Balancing Tonic is perfect for all types of facial treatment ”.

- Linda


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