The first week's theme is base! That is, the basics of a makeup routine.

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LOCK IT! Face Base
It is not only the foundation that gives you smooth and fine skin, it is the preparation and the primer! The primer settles as a leveling layer under the makeup, so that large pores and fine lines are filled in and the foundation is easier to apply. This is a light makeup primer that evens out, protects and improves the skin to create a perfect base for makeup.

Flawless Foundation SPF20, 30 ml
My skin is not perfect and it is 53 years old. Therefore, I need a foundation that covers enough, but does not get cakey. It must be moist but not greasy, and it must look natural. The Flawless Foundation does all this. It hides imperfections and does not settle in lines, perfect for an adult skin and perfect for me. With SPF 20 you are protected for your "everyday life"

Sheer Foundation SPF 20, 30 ml
Sheer Foundation BB Formula is almost weightless, and with its light opacity it gives a silky surface with natural translucency. It moisturizes the skin, hides redness and small bumps and gives a silky, natural look. Suitable for normal, dry and sensitive skin, and it protects with SPF 20.

Sheer Powder Foundation, 9.5 gr
The Sheer Powder Foundation gives a natural, silky matte finish with a «soft focus » effect. It is easy to apply and is perfect over Flawless or Sheer Foundation for a more opaque and glowing effect. We love!

HD Powder Mattening
An adult skin often looks older with the use of opaque powder, because it settles in lines and the skin looks dry. HD (High Defenition) Powder is a mattifying powder that does not settle in pores or lines, it is completely invisible. The finely ground consistency creates a perfect "soft focus effect", and puts foundation on the skin.

Blotting Powder
Touch Up Matte effect! A compact transparent powder as a bsorberer excess gloss and matting blank areas. Perfect to use during the day where the skin secretes sebum. Used before / after makeup or for regular touch- ups . Apply the powder on the areas that are shiny and that you want to matte down. Perfect bag size!

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    Fetching products

    LUX Brush - Foundation
    The soft, tightly packed bristles in Foundation Brush make it easy to apply the right amount of foundation and in several layers, so you can build up the desired opacity.

    LUX Brush - Powder Bronzer
    The soft bristles in my Bronzer Brush make it easy to apply powder bronzer without the color being angular and defined. The broom can be used for both powder and for bronzes.

    LUX Brush - XL Powder
    The soft tightly packed bristles in my XL Powder Brush make it easy to apply powder all over the face.