Sensitive Skin

Double peel

Sensitive skin is becoming more prevalent, but it is very individual what one reacts to, and to what extent. Antiage products contain active ingredients that improve and stimulate the skin. This can be a challenge when you are sensitive.

The products we recommend here improve the skin in a gentle way. The products contain ingredients that play on layers with the skin, and which do not irritate or start the blood circulation. If you have rosacea or extremely sensitive skin, it may be worthwhile to start carefully and try it out. After 6 weeks, our goal is for you to experience radiant skin.

Remember that you can always contact us with questions. Good luck!

We recommend the following treatment products for sensitive skin:

    Fetching products

    To achieve good results, it is important not to be careless with the daily cleaning routine. Cleanse the skin morning and night and use the Anti Age Boost System before serum and cream. Finish with day / night cream as normal.

    Example of treatment plan per week:

    Sunday: Double Peel. If you are very sensitive, you should put it on like a mask, without using your fingers to scrub. Leave it on the skin for 2-4 minutes. Remove with water and apply Aqua Radiance Mask afterwards. Leave on for at least 20 minutes.

    Monday: One Skin Gym Ampoule (before night cream)

    Wednesday: One Skin Gym Ampoule (before night cream)

    Friday: Double Peel + Aqua Radiance Mask for 20 min. (if you are very sensitive, use only Aqua mask)

    Saturday : One Skin Gym Ampoule (before night cream)

    Do you have the Skin Lifter device? This is a gentle device that helps water-based products penetrate further into the skin. Skin Lifter is great to use with the ampoules!

    TIP: Capillary Control Concentrate soothes red skin, strengthens the skin layer and provides moisture. It is a concentrate that is as thin as water, and can be used all over the face, including under the eyes. The product is perfect under the Anti Age Boost System, or your other serums and creams.

      Fetching products