What is Skin Lifter PRO?

The ultimate home appliance for adult skin!

Here you can really get the feeling that you are taking the dermatologist home in your own bathroom. With Skin Lifter PRO you can give your skin even more than you get done with applying products. In this handy device, the ultrasound technology is combined with the benefits of LED light, and moisture can be absorbed deep into the skin, while all skin layers are stimulated and rejuvenated!


Ultrasounds are sound waves with such a high frequency that we often cannot hear them. In SkinLifter Pro we use a frequency of 3MHz. The effect in the skin is that blood circulation increases, nutrient uptake is improved and the deeper skin layers where we find collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid are stimulated. The ultrasound waves depend on a jelly, which lies between the skin and the probe, for the ultrasound waves to be directed into the skin in the correct way. You must ensure that you use products adapted to this treatment. It does not work on dry skin or with oil-based products. (You will find the products at the bottom of the page.)

Ultrasound has been used in both medical treatments and in skin care treatments for a number of years, with good results and little or no side effects. The treatment is comfortable and painless.

LED light treatment

This has gradually become a popular skin care treatment, as it turns out to give good results in a gentle way. The color of the light (number of nm) is decisive for what effect it has in the skin and how deep down it works. In our SkinLifter Pro we use a mixture of yellow and red LED lights. The yellow has a calming effect, while the red has an anti-aging effect. A comfortable and gentle way to treat an adult's skin - with good results.

The combination of ultrasound and LED light will give you an effective treatment in a gentle and comfortable way. And best of all - you can easily do it on your own, at home in your own bathroom - or on the couch for that matter.

10 minutes with this a couple of times a week will give you a moisturized skin and a great glow. Most people see an improvement in their lines, and the skin feels tighter.

Question: Do I see a difference after just one treatment?

Answer: Many do, especially those with dry skin. Long-term results are obtained by using it regularly 1-3 days a week. You can use the LED light alone several days a week!

Tip: Feel free to use it in combination with the Meso Glow Skin Roller Kit for maximum results and fantastic plumpness! Roll first and lock the ampoule and serum with SkinLifter Pro afterwards.

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