What IS meso glow Skin THERAPY roll treatment?

Now the traditional metal roller is over, because here finally comes my Meso Glow roller system which is 100% hygienic and without danger of damaging the skin.

You may have heard of, or seen advertisements for the popular derma rolls that have been on the market for a while? I have known about this treatment method since 2007 when I collaborated with the German doctor who is the developer of this skin concept. In fact, my skin care salon was the first in Norway to offer the advanced treatment.

Treating the skin with a roller is an effective tool, but unfortunately many people do not perform the treatment correctly. The traditional rolls are made of metal and not all are of equal quality. In addition, many people do not clean the roller well enough, store the roller incorrectly so that it becomes a bacterial bomb, use a roller that is worn and no longer sharp, or they use the wrong products with the roller.

New and revolutionary;
MESO GLOW self-dissolving derma roll

The purpose of using a derma roller is that the small needles puncture microscopic holes in the skin and "place" active ingredients inside the skin rather than just on the surface. The small holes also renew cell growth, stimulate collagen production and increase blood circulation. This contributes to a smoother skin, while reducing lines, small scars and coarse pores. Below you can see what my Meso Glow treatment consists of.

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    The needles are made of crystallized serum that dissolves deep down in the skin, ie the roller needle itself dissolves and releases the active ingredients. The roller heads must be discarded after use and each treatment is 100% germ-free!

    With cell-renewing growth factor, the skin is kick-started with the roller treatment. The serum is pressed into the skin via the roller and the treatment takes place from the inside.

    The Caviar Glow ampoule provides immediate moisture and glow to the skin after rolling treatment. The entire ampoule should be used and the skin sprinkled with caring concentrate. Each roller treatment is terminated with an ampoule.

    Who should not use Meso Glow roll treatment?

    If you have acne in an outbreak, or have sore skin that is constantly inflamed, you should not roll on it. The derma roll can spread the bacteria around the rest of the face and irritate it unnecessarily.

    How often can the skin be treated?

    Treatment should not be performed more often than 1-2 times per week as the skin needs time to stabilize. There should be a minimum of 3 days between each treatment. We do not recommend using products with AHA acids immediately before or immediately after a Meso Glow treatment. 2 days before and after is a good rule of thumb.
    For an intensive treatment, you can roll every 4 days for 5 weeks, ie 8 treatments (2 sets) in total. Then maintain with 1-2 treatments per. mnd.

    Does it hurt?

    No! It is experienced as a slightly itchy / stinging tingling. The skin may feel reddish and slightly sore. This is quite common, and is the result of 3,000 tiny needles that break the surface of the skin. If the skin feels dry or tight after treatment, apply plenty of face cream to the supplied ampoule .

    How to roll

    The more thorough you are, the better the result. Start, for example, along the jaw, where you start by rolling 4 to 6 times up and down along the jawbone. Then take area by area on both sides of the face. Continue in this way throughout the face until you have rolled over the facial skin in all directions several times, for at least 10-15 minutes.

    I do not recommend using your most active products immediately afterwards, as the skin is more sensitive than usual.

    Below you can see which products I recommend together with the roll treatment.


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